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Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg settled US $ 65 Million with two former harvard mates for swiping their Idea of a Social Networking Site

A very Interesting article on Page 13 in DNA today got my attention…It concerns the Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg,Founder of Facebook…Apparently he paid off US $ 65 Million to two former Harvard Mates,ConnectU founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss for swiping their idea that led to Facebook

It seems Tyler and Winklevoss had retained Zuckerberg in 2003 to write the software code for their social networking site…Instead Zuckerberg stole their Idea and launched facebook in 2004…A lawsuit was settled by Zuckerberg buying out ConnectU and multi million dollar penalties would be imposed on any Settlement Disclosures by concerned parties

This Leak has come from the law firm,Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver and Hedges who handled the lawsuit for Tyler and Winklevoss .They have carried this Boast in their January 2009 Advertisement Brochure 

Haven’t we Heard about Idea Theft before !….But it must hurt when you get just US $ 65 million for your Idea that went on to make over a bIllion dollars for the one who  apparently stole it !

So does one on ethical grounds stop using ‘Facebook ‘! because ‘Zucker’ made a ‘Sucker’ of Others ?

So if any of you out there has some brilliant idea,better IPR or TM it !


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