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Farhan Akhtar and “Rock On” …You Rock !

What a connect ! “Rock On” hit theatres in India in the last week of August and I saw it at Sterling Multiplex in Mumbai the second day,Saturday…the late night show

Related instantly to Farhan Akhtar …sacrificing pursuit of personal passion for a highly successful Investment Banking Career in his twenties only to realise the folly…connected to the characters of his three friends too

The Moment Purab Kohli sings, impromptu, Gloria Gaynors “I’ll Survive” and coaxes Prachi,Farhan’s wife in the movie,to sing something and she knowing only Hindi Songs softly and hesitatingly rolls out “Ajeeb Dastaan hai yeh”,my wife and I were hooked…because “I’ll Survive” was my anthem in the eighties when I was in the rat race of the auditing and consultancy line with  KPMG in the Middle East  and “Ajeeb Dastaan hai Yeh” is my wife’s anthem…she is coaxed to sing it often at many do’s

And Guess what ! both the director,Abhishek Kapoor and I have something in common!…our pet name…we’re both called “Gattu”

And as if God wanted us to keep up the momentum ,my wife and I caught the Superb Play “Class of 84” at Tata Theatre at NCPA,Mumbai the next day,Sunday…we had missed it earlier and it features some of our friends from Sydenham,Sohrab Ardeshir and Rajat Kapur….the play directed by Rahul D’cunha is about seven friends from St Xaviers College in 1984 who meet several years later at the death of one of their college friends…they all thought they really knew each other well but what unfolds between them shows how little they really did and how circumstances had moulded them and the pretences they created and lived with

A good wholesome way to have ended August 2008


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