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Fathers Day….fond and clear memories of Dad

…..Got up this morning conscious that it’s Fathers Day today

……Feel as if I’m sitting by the shore on Mumbai’s seafront and it’s raining and every wave that’s lapping me is one more fresh memory of my Dad and the times we had together…..Feel warm and whole and blessed

….began to actually pen these memories….they’ve run into five pages already !…many hilarious moments….many great character building events…many Life’s Lessons absorbing incidents…our annual Family Holidays together…..feeding the Fish in Coonoor….watching the sunrise over K2 from Tiger Tops …..How we got to stay in the famous ‘Simla House’…..On Elephants moving among grass as tall as the Elephants itself! to glimpse a group of three one horned rhinocerous at the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary….Beer on the beach in exclusive Bar Nicobar… we got away ,when we were travelling to Kashmir with family friends and Uncle pulled the Train Alarm thinking it was the Flush ! …..simply too many to blog in one day…..maybe I’ll set up a seperate category for ‘Dad’ and reveal these great memories one at a time   

….but this I must say “Dad,they don’t make anybody like you anymore ”

…..His name was Aroon….Patriotically,and for lower salary and perks too, left Standard Vaccum early in the 1960s (rechristened to  Esso and now HPCL after nationalisation) to join the Government’s fledgling IndianOil….Lived for IndianOil, rose through it’s ranks,and retired in top management in the late 1980s….was rewarded with a HMT watch for 25 years of Glorious service and got Rs Three lakhs as Gratuity and Pension on retirment…..could never see Life beyond IndianOil and did not take up lucrative assignments from many overseas Oil Majors and Drilling Companies…..God fearing and High on Selflessness,Integrity,Loyalty,Reliability,Dependability,Self Dignity,Self Esteem and Self Respect but Low on Health…He had his first attack when 38,his second,ten years later at 48,his third,yet again ten years later at 58 and as if in rhythm of years passed away ten years later at 68,soon after his fourth in 1998

…… Missing You and your Silent yet Strong Physical Presence….yet sense your Guiding Presence and the blessings it brings and the protection it assures

……”Dad,you’re the pivot,support and centre ‘A’ and Aspiration in my Middle Name and  the strength around which your Son GAP is yet evolving 

……Proud and Blessed to be your Son…for me everyday is Fathers Day

……Know what’s for dinner tonight, dad ?….planning your specials…..Dahivada and Cold Coffee…so something to look forward to tonight,dad,as we dine together later tonight

Cheers !


5 thoughts on “Fathers Day….fond and clear memories of Dad”

  1. Really moving post. It moved be to tears & made me hug my dad ‘n tell him how much I love him! Something I haven’t done in ages. Lol dad was startled & wanted to know if i’m alright , told him its Father’s day!;)
    Thank you Gaurav

  2. was remembering my dad a lot after I went through the article. I lost my dad way bak in 2000 in Hyderabad. Incidentally I work for IOC and it has been kind and compassionate enough to post me in 1998 to Hyderabad due to the ill health of my dad so as to enable me me spend time with him in his last two years of his life. Ten years have passed and its seems just like a year has passed. Such was the bond that I shared with him

  3. shahzad jimmy vasaigara


    Thanks once again for such a wonderful article. Coincidentally my Dad too craved a lot for Dahi Wada a lot. And yes, it’s Father’s Day everyday for us. May his soul rest in peace.

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