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Feeling Warm ~ Daughter gives us a First Lunch Treat !

It was an impulsive ‘with the flow’ day on Monday,August 4,2014….as Daughter & Wife who were in the Churchgate Area called me at work and said “lets have lunch together” ….and past 2 pm they picked me up and Daughter decided that Lunch would be at her favourite ,and ours too,Yokos Sizzlers at Fort,a stones throw from my office and even her school,now ex-school….she loves to celebrate birthdays and achievements at Yokos and we have been blessed she has matured into a fine young lady soon to be 19 and has already achieved more than we did in our lifetime till now…and it’s only her beginning….so Yokos has been a frequent dining place for us

So it was our regular French Onion & Cheese Soup & Iced Tea followed by their Super Sizzlers prepared just the way you want with extra french fries or mushrooms etc in Garlic or Pepper Sauce with additional bowls of these sauces to spread some more

And we were more delighted and felt extra warm and special as Daughter insisted she will pay for the Lunch !…dipping into what’s she’s aggregated and accumulated thus far  from  ‘may be token but priceless earnings’ from representing State & India in Football + monies she received from Family & Friends for her achievements ….and her school appreciated her returning within days after her Std XII ISC Examinations to stand in for two weeks for Biology and teach Stds 9 to 12…acknowledged this with a Letter,Certificate and even a Cheque Amount ! which she initially refused to bank as she felt it was not right ! as she did not do this for Money !…we were touched she felt this way but  convinced her it was alright to bank the cheque…she agreed but has directed this amount be kept aside for her to apply for a noble cause later on

That was her first real treat to us ! and we shall remember this and what she stated too

” Mom & Dad this may be  my first Lunch Treat for you but it won’t be my last !”

Our Son too had treated us warmly with his first pay cheque…even to this date he keeps his monthly cheque before God before it’s deposited

Daughter leaves this weekend for Higher Science Studies on an overseas scholarship and our Son will be going with her to settle her in

Our Eyes are already Moist!


13 thoughts on “Feeling Warm ~ Daughter gives us a First Lunch Treat !”

  1. Dear Sir,

    All the very best to your daughter who will be leaving Indian shores for pursuing her higher studies abroad. You must be a very proud parent. Regards Rohit

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