Firstsource Solutions…up 23% today from Rs 17 to Rs 21 + on Exceptional Volumes

NSE saw Volumes of 32.7 million shares and BSE of 19 million shares as Firstsource Solutions climbed smartly 23 % to Rs 21 + today even as Indices corrected 1.7 %

I’ve covered in detail FSL in earlier blogs on January 30,2009…  saying it presented a buying opportunity at Rs 9/10 and if Dollar fell to Rs 42 the price would rise to Rs 25+.The Dollar is down only to Rs 47.50 and FSL is up strongly

On February 5,2009 I commented on their Q 3 results and suggested some financial restructuring to reduce FCCB $ Exposure

The rising price and Exceptional Volumes tell us something strong is brewing….

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