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Flamboyante upmarket eatery in South Mumbai…serves up terrible and atrocious service on this New Year Day

Flamboyante…it’s an upmarket South Mumbai eatery at World Trade Centre in Cuffe Parade….after visiting close relatives on New Years Day and where we had already been served some great food,my family yet decided to eat some lunch out…..after some deliberation we zoned in on Flamboyante…first time for all of us ,except son…had not made any reservations but were led to the upper area as there was no place in the more popular courtyard area

Over an hour later we actually walked out….the Manager, Mr Sunny, profusely apologising and following us right out….”I can’t eat Apologies ” I told him ….Clearly understaffed for today and those who were serving clearly undertrained,our initial order was merely partially executed….even the iced tea came after 40 min after being reminded….and they had forgotten to sweeten it !…..they even actually forgot part of the order……..and never came to take the main course order…..really !…….terrible and atrocious service…….when you vist such a upmarket eatery,you expect and are entitled to Quality Service and Food….you are paying Quality Prices !…..Sadly we were dissappointed… writing this off as a freak thing to happen…..but am inclined to atleast let the GM,Oswald Gracias and the Owner,Ambrish Arora know of this….as the Manager, Mr Sunny said there was no complaint or suggestion Book available !….and I doubt if he will convey my oral complain to them…..he said he would check what happened but we simply wished to leave so I asked him to give us the bill for the soups and a starter or two that we did consume….. he was mollified enough not to present us with onel…..Perhaps the staff was not paid any Diwali Bonus!

Arora also runs the ‘Fountain’ eatery at Fountain….where I have had some really good lunch meals when my office was located in the area……that is why what happened today at his Flamboyante,I’m writing off a freak thing to happen 

Would I like to return to Flamboyante!?….of course I would…their Menus boasts of some great dishes…and I would like to try them…Burmese Khowsey for one….what they did serve us today,except for the iced tea,was fairly good….I’m sure I shall be served well the next time !

But please do pull up your socks,Mr Sunny,Mr Gracia and Mr Arora….exceptions like these can become lasting adverse impressions…thankfully I shall not be forming one on this freak service today even though it ruined our New Year lunch

I did learn something though from my Cool Wife and Children…they were really cool about this !

Cheers !    


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