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Fondly Remembering Dad on his Birthday today….he would have been 82

Fondly Remembering Dad,Arun on his Birthday today….he would have been 82

What a Man !…Debonair & Dignified…. Serene & Calm Always…Devoted to my Mom and us three children….Compassionate & Contented with a Conscience even God would have saluted… Fair and Never Judged Anybody

…showed us the vastness and beauty of India when we were young…every Year the Highlight was the Family LTC  (Leave Travel Concession) Holiday for a full month planned meticulously by my Dad…we were welcomed by his IndianOil Family everywhere we went in the 1960s,70s and 80s..and we went everywhere !…..we often took our Premier Fiat Car on these long vacations…have travelled from Kashmir to KanyaKumari….our Dream was that as Family we go on a Global Road Trailer Journey once I become 18,so we could take turns at the wheel…through Khyber Pass and Beyond…..Dad ! we shall ! 

Love You Lots Dad…Am Truly Blessed to have a Dad like You…Miss you a Lot too…All of us in the Family do too…Proudly display your Initial ‘A’ in my Name Always…also fondly nicked GAP by many…The ‘A’ is yours….and that 1986 sweater you have on in the photo above, of the two of us on the new (then) Bahrain Saudi Causeway, when you visited me in Bahrain when I was with KPMG and you were on IndianOil work…I now wear it even 25 + years on…it’s a favourite and has kept we warm in the record Mumbai Winter this year !   

Cheers Dad ! 


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