Friday Early Morning Musings…Thumbs Up for Gattu and the Gutka ban….Thumbs Down for a CA Coaching Class Rankers Ad and a Demanding Political Party

After an awesome Aloo Gobi at Delhi Darbar at midnight got up early at 6 to some superb windy weather at Marine Drive driving past it at 6.30 am while dropping daughter for her football practice ~ I kicked ball once too ~ Now rearrange the words and that’s what can happen when one kicks stocks !~Friend on BBM conveyed he had just finished his Pranayam and I too should do it but what interested me more was that there was Dosa for Breakfast at his Home ~ No Eggs as Sravan  has commenced

Some Friday Morning Musings prompted by scanning the Times of India over a hot strong cup of Tea

🙂 Gattu ~ That’s my Pet Name too ! ~ and seems to be a lovely offbeat movie on a street kid by Nandita Das that has been getting good reviews ~ Times says “Meet Gattu .A Typical Street kid….Gattu’s Guts….. leaves you upbeat ….. is a must watch…many people grow up too soon….”  ~ Thumbs Up for Gattu ~ must see it as I see a lot in common with Gattu ~ Guts,Street Smart Kid, Simple Solutions to Life and Happiness like Kite Flying and building Sand castles

🙂 Gutka Ban ~ Awesome could not have come sooner and is to be enforced in Maharashtra from today~Thumbs Up for the Ban on Gutka and Pan Masalas,the source of Mouth Cancer 

😐 CA Coaching Class Rankers Ad ~ Awful ! ~ Page 3 Full Page ad by a leading CA Coaching Class has Trademarked it’s tag line as The Rankers Factory ! and the Ad has a Topline “Name the second man to step on the moon.Only No 1 stays relevant.” ~ Come on Guys is Being No 1 the only Goal in Life and nothing else matters ! and I do know who the second man,without a Net search, was to step on the Moon after Neil Armstrong .It was Edwin Aldrin ~ There’s a Place in the World for all and enough Ladders for all to climb without having to pull one down to reach the Top ~ and’The  Rankers Factory’ ! ~ who in hell gave them this idea for a tagline ~ these guys are simply supporting the rat race ~ and let me tell you not all CA rankers are great personalities  ~ many are just pure muggers who live in their narrow knowledge world not evolving beyond it ~ I’ve interviewed a few and they have come up short in many areas ~ CA is a great career ~wife was  an FCA before she stopped practising and I have done my ACCA from UK  ~ Wisely the School Boards have stopped the Rankings Declarations as they really don’t matter in the long run ! ~ I would love to work with an evolved person and hire one whose knowledge  extends to beyond just the books !   ~ Big  Thumbs Down to the Coaching Class Ad !

:twisted:Political Party leader sulks and demands ~ What’s New !? A Political Party Leader,part of the UPA Government, is miffed at the Seating Arrangements as he has been passed over for No 2 ! ~ he continues to demand rather than command ~ the party leaders skipped the Cabinet Meeting ~ Thumbs Down to such an Ego and Demanding Attitude ! ~ Can these Guys rise above Petty Sulking and run our Nation well !? …Can Mangoes grow on Apple Trees !?

Have a Great Weekend ~ Next weekend the Summer Olympics begin in London ! Yeah !

…and Oh ! stop getting frustrated by the Stock Markets Sensex Swings ~ you want to enjoy swinging then go ahead and see how high you can do so  on that swing in the garden without falling off ~ and pray  it can bear your weight !

For me it’s been a month or two of catching up on some really old times ~ relatives,friends and school mates ~ began with meeting up with a few relatives after 20 years~then a neighbourhood friend of the 1980s ~she was down with family from Melbourne ~ followed by a mini reunion of my School Class of 77 ~and tonight we have a mini reunion of my wife’s School Class of 78!

Cheers !

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