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Fun & Fulfilling Saturday~Stock Market Games~The Shri Ram School in Gurugram

10 Small Stock Star Trophies & One Big for the Overall Champion to be Won at our Virtual Stock Exchange Stall at TSRS’ Sambhavana ~ Exploring Frontiers Tech Fest on Saturday ,December 10,2016
Our Stock Star Stall at the Start with all Trophies up for grab on display with a Vertical Banner alongside
The Horizontal Banner Displayed
The Team that made this all possible ~ l to r ~ Trainer Gaurav Parikh,Ms Neeti Sharma of TSRS,Ms Adarsh Wadhwa TSRS HOD Commerce,Trainer Purv Shah
Don’t miss the Dartboard ! ~ it was to play the Random Theory ,as opposed to Fundamental & Technical Research Approach !
Cross Section of our First Participants
TSRS Student Grisham,as in famous author John Grisham,gets the first Trophy
Another Game & Another Cross section of participants
Purv Shah in his element,guiding participants during the game while I conducted it
This was the School’s Popular Senior Students competing for the Stock Star Trophy~ some were really aggressive scoring 23 on 25 in the Risk Profiling!
TSRS Senior School Popular Teacher Ms Neeti Sharma now getting into the guiding act after having warmed up in the first few games!
Memorable Selfie before the Moment passed ! ~ Vice Chairperson Ms Vasvi Bharat Ram from the Founder Shri Ram Family,Principal Ms Sudha Sahay,Head of Commerce Section Ms Adarsh Wadhwa & her enthu colleague Ms Neeti Sharma along with the both of us Trainers,Purv Shah & Gaurav Parikh
Purv with another batch of participants
TSRS’s Ms Adarsh Wadhwa presenting a Star Stock 2016 Trophy to a winning senior student
And the Overall Champion,Aradhana Parmeshwar, who turned her Rs 10 lakhs Equity Portfolio to Rs 14 lakhs getting the Big One from TSRS’s Mrs Adarsh Wadhwa
Colourful Organising TSRS Team with us Trainers with an even more Colourful Food Court as a backdrop
Happy & Satisfied Post Event Team Selfie in front of the imposing TSRS School Entrance
Trainer Purv Shah presenting a Trophy to the TSRS PE Teacher, one of the Winners,& who knew nothing of Stocks! ~ Beginner’s Luck ?
The Students were all around engrossed in the Computations while I take a few seconds breather
At the Start & before all Trophies were won !

It was a Fun & Fulfilling Saturday conducting Stock Market Games at The Shri Ram School’s Sambhavana~ Exploring Frontiers Tech Fest in Gurugram

The Equity Portfolio Game was lapped up by not just students but even their parents and  their teachers

It was EduTainment that became addictive for the participants as the day wore on !…Non Winners played yet again to try to get their hands around the several Star Stock Wiz Trophies & the Overall Champion Trophy awarded by us…by Us,mean the energetic,passionate young at 35 Equity Trainer Purv Shah & me

The Fest was on the School’s Football Ground with @ 30 stalls across & all along the sides & flanked on one goal end by a really huge Stage where Coke Studio got Advaita (Sufi & Fusion)  to perform in the evening at 6 pm & an expansive & colourful strands canopied Food Court at the other goal end

The Fest commenced at 10 am and went on till late afternoon with @ 2000 visiting

Our Stall was the Virtual Stock Exchange Equity Portfolio Game & feedback from the School that it was the best stall on display !

All Loved it ! ~ Kids,Parents,Teachers & us as we interacted with zest & fun with them all ~ there were 10 small Trophies & one big overall Champion Trophy to be won ~ The Overall was bagged by a Senior girl student,Aradhana Parmeshwar, who took her Equity Portfolio from Rs 10 lakhs to the highest at just under Rs 14 lakhs ~ a parent mother shooed away her young hungry kid who was tugging away at her to be taken to the food court ,because she wanted to prove her family wrong who taunted her that she could never make money in Stocks ! ~ she went on to bag a trophy ! ~ a PE teacher who lives the notorious Delhi Winter Fog but had not the foggiest idea about stocks and in fact had even closed his demat account that an overzealous bank had made him open,went on to play and bag a trophy too !

We interacted on Demonetisation & it’s impact &  showed them how to assess their risk profile and stay true to it and how to assess & tackle fundamental data & risks while playing the game ~ being the NCR Region we deliberately included Listed Companies like DLF,Unitech,Spicejet & Noida Toll Bridge in the games & participants,being familiar with these names,love this…one parent wanted to know if really Unitech can revive from current under Rs 5 levels again!

 🙂  We were delighted that from the Founder Shri Ram Family,the Vice Chairperson of the School’s Executive Committee,Mrs Vasvi Bharat Ram visited too & there’s a Selfie above with all of us~Mrs Vasvi Bharat Ram,from the Founder Shri Ram Family ~Mrs Sudha Sahay,Principal ~Mrs Adarsh Wadhwa,Head of the Commerce Section & her colleague Ms Neeti Sharma &  Equity Trainers Purv Shah & me

Children are our Future Gen who  will take on the mantle to lead & shape our Country.The late Mrs Manju Shri Ram & Padma Sri Awardee recognised this great responsibility & founded TSRS with a clear vision & mission to educate & empower the young to assume this responsibility

Am I Glad that I was part of the Fest ~ am sure Purv too echoes my sentiments !

When TSRS insisted a few months ago to quote my Professional Fees for this,I gave a wonderful Quote of  India’s great legacy & contribution to the world ~ ‘Shunya’ ! ~ that’s what made it all the more fulfilling

You can’t put a price on  any opportunity for mentoring young impressionable Indian student minds ~ It was more an enriching opportunity for Purv & me rather than for the School

Thank You TSRS & Thank You Mrs Adarsh Wadhwa for presenting me with this Opportunity



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