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Fundamental Equity Mumbai MasterClass ~ Sat Sept 29 2018

Hey! here’s a Fundamental Equity Mumbai MasterClass you should attend on Saturday,September 29,2018

Register here =>

It’s a back to back month Workshop as many could not be accommodated in the August 2018 Workshop.This is a MasterClass that focuses on Compounding & Capital Protection & involves diving deeper into data & interpretation & deliberations  

Fundamental Equity MasterClass in Mumbai
Stock Selection ~ Value Vs Price

Indian Equity ~ Compounding & Capital Protection ~ The Magic & Miracle in this Market Matrix

Saturday, September 29, 2018

There’s a lot that we shall cover on the day foremost of which is :

We’ll take a Listed Company ,which you can suggest too when you register, & :

~ We’ll check out the Promoter & Management Pedigree & their skin in the company & assess any Corporate Governance Issues

~ We’ll discuss & debate the Business Model ~ Dynamics of Demand & Supply,Scale of Opportunity,Resources,Pricing Power & Competition among others to gauge if  intention is backed by ability to execute & perform

~ We’ll rip through the Annual Report & latest Financial Performance understanding how to read & interpret these…what they state …or do not state ! .We’ll work our way through Exchange Notifications & News & Views in the Print & Social Media & on Stock Portals & TV Channels

~ We’ll work out the Valuation of the Company on several relative & absolute,traditional & contemporary basis

~ We’ll then make an assessment of Value Vs Share Price to gauge how much of it is already factored into the Price…the less it has ,the more the opportunity beckons  

With confidence & conviction you will not only be able to read & interpret Auditors Report,Profit & Loss Statement,Balance Sheet,Cash Flow Statement & Notes to Accounts  but will be equipped to assess their impact & bearing,along with other objective & subjective factors, on Valuation & further on the Share Price

This is a MasterClass…so we shall be going real deep in debate & discussion & deliberations after some deep reading & interpretation & deep valuation computations to decide with deep conviction if there indeed exists a deep compounding opportunity & what could be the downside risk in context of Capital Protection

The Investing process dialogue will cover Themes,Approaches,Strategies,Concepts,Gurus,Mistakes

You shall be able to read any Research Report with a detached mind thus not blindly accepting all that is stated or concluded in it.In fact you shall be able to create a decisive Research Report yourself

One of the most rewarding workshop outcomes should be developing ability to quickly & effectively & convincingly interpret real time news & views to grasp the opportunity fast if indicated…as I keep reiterating ,it’s better to be prepared & not get an opportunity than to get one & you don’t know what to do 

You can sense this at a recent address of mine at a Alpha Ideas 2020 Mumbai Meet covered by Bloomberg Quint     

Just register asap here as limited seats are available => 

The last Mumbai workshop on August 4,2018 got full pretty quick & many simply could not be accommodated

Here’s some lovely feedback & a click of many of those who did participate…it was a 12 hour marathon Saturday

“ It was Super Gaurav,your skills at short listing,reading &  understanding balance sheets   are amazing”

“ Really loved it & want to enrol for the next workshop too”

“Huge Eye-Opener in how Markets operate from a veteran & how best to minimise risks”

“You have always been a great guide & your insights always guide & are real…totally away from all the noise that we hear & see”

“ your passion is really infectious & you have shown the right path to me”

“Super Say Uper !”

“Importantly the workshop was not boring…very lucky I got connected to you” 

Workshop Photo

You can Register online here & even go through a detailed Workshop Coverage Template => .The Template is reproduced below for quick reference.

Those who wish to speak to me,before deciding, can simply call me on 9820162597 or on +91-2242304140



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