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Generosity of Spirit that combines Intent & Impact shapes your Leadership Footprint

Interesting Blogpost on ‘What Kind of Leader do you want to be?’ from Business Psychologist and Leadership Advisor ,Rebecca Newton 

She identifies the two central components to successful leadership as being leadership intent (the kind of leader you want to be) and impact(the legacy you want to leave)…she calls these two the ‘leadership footprint’

She quotes Gail Kelly,CEO of  Westpac Banking Group of Australia to illustrate such a footprint….Kelly has spoken openly and honestly about her personal leadership legacy goals. She’s described these goals as “generosity of spirit.” There are two key elements to generosity of spirit, according to Kelly. The first is believing in the power of people to make a difference (leadership intent). The second is creating an environment that empowers them to flourish to be the best they can be and thereby make that difference (leadership impact).

Are you a Good Leader ?

Are Great Leaders Born or can they be Groomed to become such ?

Do all have Leadership Potential ?

Are the Best Leaders only those who lead by Example?

Do Leaders also have to Compromise in this Day and Age ?

What are your Leads on Leadership? 🙂


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