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Getting An Uncanny Feeling that Sensex will correct towards 12000 as the Beijing Olympics come to a Close

Am getting an uncanny feeling that Sensex will correct towards 12000 once the Beijing Olympics come to a close !

Higher Inflation figure of 12.63% for week ended August 9,2008 was released today …..the Sensex corrected nearly 3% ,by 435 points, to fall to 14244….volumes are low…sentiment and interest is unexciting.  

And no, it was not this bearish thought that kept me from posting a blog for nearly a week…I was just unwinding for a few days…getting recharged…..even the seven newspapers I subscribe too have passed on to “Pasti” in unread condition…”deleted” without reading

Personally I’m waiting for such a fall to really get some bargain values to buy into…in fact have readied a list of Twenty Five + Scrips across sectors and what should be their bargain buying range….yet to release it to clients as buying ranges have yet to come…prices did tease into this range for a fleeting day or two,sometime ago but the excitement did not last as Sensex surged again to tease 15500 last week…and then once again the Sensex has reversed…We’re not playing the Sensex…the Sensex is playing Us !  


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