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Getting Requests from all over India for Fundamental Training in Equity Portfolio Structuring and Stock Selection…need your support to make it happen soon !

Pune,Lucknow,Bangalore,Mangalore,Delhi,Rajkot,Nadiad,Chandigarh,Ludhiana……have been receiving requests from interested people from all these cities and more for Practical One Day and Two Days Equity Portfolio Structuring and Stock Selection Training Workshops in these cities

Most are optimistic about 2013 and beyond for our Stock Markets and the Indian Economy going forward and want to be positioned to make Monies from this Optimism   

To make this happen NOW , as it would be ideal at the beginning of 2013 to position your Equity Portfolio well, would like all your support ~ I shall personally conduct the Workshop along with my Training Team 

If  you can muster up  at least 15  interested people your town or city to attend the workshop ,we shall have it arranged immediately at a good venue in your city ~ you can guide us too for this and even be our local coordinator ~ of course you will be compensated  with free participation and a coordinating Fee too ! 

Some Guiding Criteria :

Minimum Number of Participants :15  ~ Of course 50 and more would be great 🙂

Fees per Participant : Rs 4500 for a one day workshop and Rs 7500 for a Two Day Workshop.Fees are inclusive of  all Taxes,Tea, Lunch and Kit ~ we can bring this down to Rs 3500 for one day and Rs 6000 for two days if you can assure a minimum of 30 participants

Ideal Days to hold Workshop : Saturday and Sunday as working people too can attend  ~ however even weekdays are fine

Who should Attend : Such an intensive workshop will be ideal for all who themselves invest or want to in Indian Stocks or who advise or want to advise others to do so ~would be a practical experience for Retail and High Networth Investors,IFAs of Mutual Funds, Brokers ,Sub Brokers and their associates and clients and students at any level studying Commerce,Finance,Management and Capital Markets

What will the  One Day Workshop Cover among many other facets :  

  • Global & Indian Macro & Micro Investment Environment & Trends
  • Market Dynamics ~ FII Impact & Where is the Sensex heading in 2013 and why ~ was on track last year in Jan 2012 at 15500 levels when predicted  a 2012 close @18750 …it closed higher
  • Stock Experts & Stock Anchors on TV & Brokers ~ Bane or a Boon !? ~ Sources to Trust
  • Your Risk Profiling
  • Investing  & Trading Approach & Strategy for the Short Term  & Long Term
  • Protection of  Equity Wealth while Growing It ~ Asset Allocation ~Portfolio Review and Rebalancing,Hedging
  • Investor Mistakes that you can and should Avoid Making
  • Key Data to Note  when Reading the Annual Report of the Company for an Investment Perspective
  • How to Assess & Select Stocks to Buy,Hold or Sell ~ on Sentiment,Momentum,Valuation and Liquidity
  • Positioning your Equity Portfolio with the Right Selection of Stocks that suit your Risk Profile

What will the Two Day Workshop Cover among many other facets :  

  • All that is covered in the One Day Workshop as above
  • Interpretation of the Union Budget
  • Logical Thinking Game Play
  • IPO Analysis ~ A Case Study
  • When to Use Derivatives to your Advantage to leverage on great Returns
  • Aiming for Gold as an Investment ~ many ways to go about this
  • Investor Gurus & their Approach ~ Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch
  • Basics of  Valuation ~ Relative,Absolute and Contemporary
  • Integrity & Insider Trading

You can suggest Stocks that you wish to cover too in the Workshop as well as  decide and mix and match the coverage you want in a one day workshop  from that outlined above in both one day and two day workshops

Those who interact well in the workshop will be pleasantly surprised with Interesting Prizes ! 

PowerPoint Presentations,Quiz,Case Studies,Game Play and Text will be the Pedagogy and the way the Workshop will be conducted

You can get a better sense of the Standard and Customised and Career Workshops that we conduct on my company website  ~ Look under Training

One quick way is for you to suggest to your local Broker to host this workshop for his employees ,associates and clients ~ a Suitable discount can be worked out with him as he will be ensuring the Participants

Call me directly on 9820162597  or email me at [email protected]  to take this forward fast 

Cheers !



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