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Ginni Filaments @ Rs 34 on two lower circuits now!

Ginni Filaments @ Rs 34 on two lower circuits now! after hitting upper circuits last week

Was told  at Rs 28 that it was being manipulated up to Rs 70 !

EPS of just Rs 1 and a 52 wk High of Rs 39.40 just a few days ago on July 17,2015 coming from a 52 Wk Low of Rs 9 from January 2015 !

The risk of being seduced and  playing into the hands of those involved in the rig up is extremely high in run ups like these in quick time hitting one upper circuit after another !

Had warned  not to play this  and if you did then simply get in on a high end of the trading day and out the next morning as trading begins…even then the risk of getting stuck is high

Such Orchestrated Plays not justified by fundamentals raises questions of  our Stock Markets Survelliance & Regulatory Mechanism

Ginni is not a Genie for High Gains

You’ll learn this the Hard Way by rubbing the Ginni Lamp or should I say Filament !




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