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Go ‘Sesa’ Goa at Rs 3330 CB/CS…goes XB/XS on August 8,2008

Check out my earlier Blog on Sesa Goa….It looks a great buy and is available till Thursday,August 7,2008 Cum Bonus 1:1 and Cum Sub Division 10:1…..Today’s closing of Rs 3330 gives a theoretical XB/XS price of Rs 167

For every  One Share of Face Value of Rs 10 you will buy till August 7,2008 your demat account will ultimately  reflect 20 Shares of Face Value Rs 1 after the Bonus and Splt is applied…the record date is August 18,2008   

With a fantastic performance expected in the next two years showing Forward P/Es for FY 09 and FY 10 at under 5 and under 2 respectively it makes sense to have Sesa Goa in your portfolio….Buying it CB/CS may give you an immediate gain XB/XS as I expect actual XB/XS price to open over theoretical price

I’ve given it as a SS 1 Scriptech Stock Select and as a  Scriptech Scramble Communication last week to my clients with detailed reasons why to buy….SS 1 stands for ‘Scriptech Spectacular’ and is at the top of our four types of  Categorisation indicating fast returns….the others being SS 2 (Scriptech Sparkle…returns over a year),SS 3( Scriptech Sapling for Multibaggers) and SS 4 ( Scriptech Shield for defensive stocks)  


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