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GoAh!..Just returned from this spiritual retreat…….


Combined just a day’s work and four days of spiritual retreat in Goa..returned this morning…to yet again witness players continue playing the stock markets,not realising that the markets are playing them !

Captured many soulful moments through my mobile…a select few are above

….spend hours in solitude on the beach……wondered why the Indian Ocean is named so..and not African Ocean or Arab Ocean ! ( Arabian Sea is a consolation though!)…The Ocean read my mind and told me why …Listening is a form of Prayer…our whole being is receptive…and listening to the Roaring Sea and it’s Messenger Waves takes you to a great high….”India was a great nation,is a great nation and will be a great nation…we got rich depth…centuries old heritage and culture…and a rich future coming up too…just as you are proud to be an Indian,we are proud to be it’s waters and carry it’s name !”…Wow !

….feel divinely blessed to experience and hear and converse with the Indian Ocean in two seperate four day periods inside 45 days…..began in the second half of April,in the Ocean off Mauritius while out all alone on a Boat and continued the past few days on the Sinqeriem Beach in North Goa

Silly ! 300 + people confining themselves to airconditioned rooms the whole day long,when a blissful Beach exclusive to this magical and soulful property and a balmy wind beckoned so strongly……the sun playing hide and seek through the clouds and the thatched umbrellas……..some guests did reluctantly venture to witness sunset past 7 pm…actually good…gave me beach solitude for hours on end…a beach body 25 kgs overweight and 25 years overage…so what !…more body for the sun and waves to engulf !

It was glorious sunshine first three days and the last day the Rains blessed Goa and me !



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