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Grand Daddy LIC to come out with a Patriotic Par IPO and List shortly !

What a Blogpost to set in the new Financial Year 13 !

Grand Daddy LIC to come out with an IPO and List shortly ! 

……and the great news is that the IPO will be at Patriotic Par to reward the Indian Population ~ The Share Capital is only Rs 100 crs currently and held by the Central Government ~ A Mega Issue is in the Pipeline that will be a Mega Wealth Creator for all Shareholders

Look at it’s Financial Muscle !  as per it’s FY 12 Annual Report

Total Income of  over Rs 3 lakh crs  => US $ 55 billion ~ of which nearly half adds to float after Agent Commission ,Employee Salaries and Policy Claims on Maturity,Death or Surrender

Total Investments of  @ Rs 13.5 lakh crs => US $ 250 billion

Over 1.2 million active agents !

LIC will file a Prospectus soon with SEBI ~ FIIs will not be allowed to subscribe in the IPO

The Market Capitalisation of LIC  is expected to be the aggregate of the Market Capitalisation of the TOP 10 Companies ! ~ TCS,Infosys,Reliance,ONGC……

Cant wait to lick this par issue !


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