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Great Interaction at the Saturday Equity Workshop



Great Interaction at the Saturday Fundamental Equity Value vs Price Mumbai Workshop…we began at 9.30 am & concluded just before 8 pm,breaking just for Lunch ~ Lovely Ginger Tea was served & welcomed heartily thrice & tetrapak drinks once during the day during the interaction & presentation itself !

As expected the November 8,2016  Demonetisation Announcement & it’s immediate implementation  & it’s continuing  Impact on Equity Markets was debated for awhile on whether stated Objectives will be met or are they really any ulterior motives

Also briefly brought up was the ugly & messy ongoing tussle in the Tata Group to oust Cyrus Mistry as Chairman & also as Director from the Tata Companies he’s on Board & how will all of this impact Tata Companies Share Prices

We did cover quite a lot with the enthusiasm  peaking while covering the Assets,Earnings & Market Relative & Absolute Valuation Basis to assess many Listed Companies,from Core to Penny Stocks to some in the news…. all at latest Friday December 2,2016 Prices

The Feedback has been very warm as were the participants as they had great fun in interacting with each other too ,especially when playing the Trust & Investment Games…..I’m sure they will vie with each other to buy out TCS at US $ 60 billion or more EV if Ratan Tata does really decide to influence the Board to plan to sell !  🙂

Participant views on the Sensex Trend in the short term  were interesting….a few had no view,a few expect sideways movement while one really enthusiastic & unmarried participant from out of town (he came again inside a few months for his second workshop with me) thinks it will crash to 13000 while a married participant was optimistic in stating it will regain 29000  in early 2017….we discussed this threadbare & whether Index Trend really mattered in Stock Selection….we also covered Passive Index Investing vs Active Investing

Yeah ! You Guys were real cool & am glad you’ll  all left with some meaningful Insights than when you walked into the Workshop  &  have strengthened your confidence & conviction to apply them in Practice for serious Wealth Creation through Direct Equity

While all of you walked out with a Kit,Memento, & literally a Tin of ‘Sweet’ Memories,I was particularly impressed,when asked by me to decide, with your immediate & unanimous vote for the ones who walked away with the rewards for the best interaction

For those who missed this Workshop Action in Mumbai ,do let me know how keen you are & I shall repeat this in January 2017…have received requests to hold this also in Gujarat,Delhi,Dubai, Pune , Chennai,Indore,Bhopal & once again in Bangalore

Que Sera Sera 2017 !


2 thoughts on “Great Interaction at the Saturday Equity Workshop”

  1. jitendra kumaar gupta

    Honestly enjoyed sir.

    It was full of inspirations, filled with wisdom and lot of notes to take home. Thanks. I am really proud to be part of this this wonderful session.

    kind regards and best to everyone

    jitendra kumar gupta

  2. Pratheesh menon

    Sir it was my privilege to reattend a wonderful workshop just below the office of Ratan Tata in Elphinstone Bldg, situated near to Horniman Circle where the first equity trading started under a banyan tree, just besides the bse sensex bldg and the list will go long and long …as usual sir u recreated the same old magic of Bangalore in Mumbai too with new stock ideas ~ at what level of sensex and PE we have to buy and sell ~ at what gold ratio level we have to buy or sell gold and silver ~ how to decide the influxion level of a stock ( sensex @ 13000 !!! ) every 8 yrs of sensex history tells us this level ~ and most importantly in associating with new dynamic and interactive participants like Nilesh Jain, Mayuri and ofcourse Jitendra from outlook business. Thank u sir for giving a great Saturday. Que Sera Sera 2017 !!!

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