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Guess ! ? Paintings of which Indian Artist fetch the highest in India! ?~ Tyeb Mehta or late MF Husain or …!? Take as many Guesses ! ~ it’s the Defence Minister’s Wife !

Guess ! ? Paintings of which Indian Artist fetch the highest in India! ~ Tyeb Mehta or late MF Husain or…..!? Take as many Guesses !

~ it’s the Defence Minister’s Wife !

India Today reports that the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has allegedly paid Rs 28 crs for Eight Paintings by Elizabeth Anthony,the wife of India’s Defence Minister Mr A K Anthony  ~ that’s an average of Rs 3.5 crs for each painting ~ These are to be displayed at selected Indian Airports ~ two are already up

If the Figure as reported is correct then clearly AAI is flying high as their artistic eye is at a level even higher than arguably India’s best Painters, Tyeb Mehta and late M F Husain !

So what if Proceeds are to go to a Cancer NGO Charity run by Mrs Anthony herself ! ~ Perhaps the Defence Minister has something to say in Defence ! ~ No Wonder Mrs Anthony was unwilling to reveal the AAI Purchases Details to India Today !  ~ Did not the Anthonys realise that questions will be asked for such unrealistic high value painting purchases !? ~ yet the risk was taken !

Methinks it’s the same reasons why Industrialists pay heavy vulgar unrealistic wayout and absurd white bribe Premiums to invest in shares in Companies of Politicians or those being fronted or patronised by them ! ~ like for instance yesterday the CBI interrogated BCCI Chief and India Cements MD N Srinivasan for over seven hours to find out why India Cements had invested at absurd premiums and amounts in the companies of Jagan Reddy,chief of YSR Congress and the son of late ex CM of Andhra Pradesh,YS Reddy ~ clearly it was a quid pro quo for being granted significantly additional water and limestone and mining rights for India Cement Plants in Andhra Pradesh !

Mera Bharat Mahaan ! ~ Yesterday I had Blogged that Democracy is for ,by and of the People ~add ‘Few’ before People

Blatant Looting ~ No Accountability ~ No Responsibility ~ No one to pull up such People who violate the law and misuse position and power and think they are simply above the Law !

India is not a Banana Republic ~ ask our FM soon to be President !

No wonder all Political Parties across idealogies are against Anna’s LokPal Version !

In 1948  South African Novelist Alan Paton’s  ‘Cry,The Beloved Country’ was  published just before Apartheid was implemented  ~ the Novel is a social protest to explain the roots of Apartheid and why the ‘Whites’ were affected  by the ‘Blacks’ who were experiencing a breakdown of their tribal systems

Drawing a Parallel to India ~ think ~ don’t we see Apartheid of several kinds in India too with the Poor and Common Man on one squashed side and the Bureaucracy,Legislature and Judiciary often on the Other supported by a rich and greedy Corporate World ~ legal,social,political,economic,religious ~ apartheid in many forms

Maybe I’m getting carried away….but I know I’m not Alone !

Update on June 20,2012 ~ In all Fairness to the Anthonys

On behalf of Elizabeth Anthony,her NGO foundation’s Vice President has posted this yesterday on her facebook page

She makes no direct reference to the  India Today Report but clears the rumours on the internet regarding her Paintings Exhibition ~ on the number sold and the quantum of sales proceeds ~ the sales  proceed were Rs 16 lakhs and AAI picked up just four for a total of Rs 2.5 lakhs  and was not the purchaser of a specific painting reportedly bought by them ~ this was sold to a private collector for Rs 95000 ~ she however sees ” politically motivated defamation and sensationalist journalism”

Clearly the Nation needs to know the Truth and if India Today has stooped to sensational and yellow journalism they should be pulled up strongly by the government as well as sued for Crores by Elizabeth Anthony as well as investigated as to what vested interests could have been behind this report by India Today that clearly defames the Anthonys  and even the Defence Ministry~ and if India Today stands by it’s report it has a duty to support it with hard evidence or face the consquences

My Due Apologies to the Anthonys ~ The Cancer cause Mrs Anthony works for is indeed noteworthy~ but when a reputed and credible Magazine like India Today reports like this it is believed  ~ Now I don’t know what to believe ! ~ and I believe in the Truth ~ So what is the Truth !?

There is a Heaven and Earth Difference between the Obscene Rs 28 crs AAI 8 Paintings Purchase Figures reported by  India Today and the Rs 2.5 lakhs AAI 4 Paintings Purchase  stated by Mrs Anthony

I’m sure we’ll know in due course what is the Truth

One more thought ~India Today is part of the listed TV Today Group and recently in May 2012,TV Today reported to the BSE that the Birlas have picked up a huge 27.5% stake in Living Media Group that includes all of these Media Channels and Aroon Purie the Promoter of  Living Media Group welcomes the Birlas!


3 thoughts on “Guess ! ? Paintings of which Indian Artist fetch the highest in India! ?~ Tyeb Mehta or late MF Husain or …!? Take as many Guesses ! ~ it’s the Defence Minister’s Wife !”

  1. wah wah Mrs. Anthony is also on faceboook!!!!!!
    this reminds me on song
    “Des Mera – Peepli [Live]”

    i use to think country is gone to dogs, but not any more now i say country is going to pigs ( atleast dogs were faithfull, trustworthy, while pigs r dirty and filty)!!!!

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