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Happy Dhanteras to all of you

Happy Dhanteras to all of you

Happy Dhanteras


6 thoughts on “Happy Dhanteras to all of you”

  1. Hello Sir
    Happy dhanteras and diwali to u and your family.First of all wish for your healthy life as u have ignored it for so many years so please pay heed as this is the first and foremost aspect of everybody’s life and even advise if you don’t mind do a simply walk daily for half to one an hour in morning or evening whenever u find time.
    I am a regular reader of your blog like many others and u used your blog as a platform for your services for diwali gifts not against it but ignoring the others who don’t subscribe to your setvices not an act of selfless person. You are an owner of this blog so it’s your wish. I expressed what i feel may quite well be the feelings of other blog readers too.

  2. Thanks Prasad…and Thanks Krishan too for Dhantera Greetings

    Krishan ,respect your comments but right from the outset,as I head an Equity Advisory & Training Company I have a fiduciary duty to clients not to disclose our fundamental portfolio selections and quick gain ideas on my blog….what I do however is often hint and definitely warn you on Stocks that may strangle…..and come on Krishan ! you must allow me some leeway to use the Blog to advertise our Company’s services and Performance a bit !…I promise I shall not over do this !….however I find there are simply too many quacks who masquerade as Equity Advisors on Websites and Blogs and Stock Channels and even in Print…and unfortunately they influence the many who read or listen to them….it is imperative that Equity Investors get professional and sensible and rational and good advice on their Portfolios…and free advice ,believe me, is never taken seriously and often can lead to losses…there are enough tipsters floating around…remember there is no such thing like a Free Lunch !…and believe me our Annual Advisory Plans are reasonably priced and we think great value too….they begin at just Rs 5000 for the Year …and we are not a broking house….so we earn only from the Fees on these Advisory Plans ….but I suppose it will be some time before the mindset changes to pay for Advice…even now now retail investors are looking for cheap and free advice…anyway Krishan,promise not to over advertise on the blog !….and I do walk everyday for 20 minutes to begin with as doc prescribed….grateful for your being a regular reader and appreciate your candid views….Have a Great Diwali and a Prosperous New Year….we believe Our Advisory can make it more Prosperous ! 🙂 could not resist stating this ! Cheers and once again sincere thanks for your concern ! …Oh ! we have nine modules on our company website of which five are freely accessible without even a Registration requirement…Scrip Tease,Scrip Watch and Scrip Scan ,Network News and Scrip Standpoint are these five…you will find the contents interesting

  3. Hello Sir
    I am not saying to disclose your clients advisory services stocks and who am I to allow you to advertise your advisory services you can or cant do it after all its your blog so its your wish.
    readers are now aware of the difference between tv experts print media and you.
    your readers have faith in you but you discriminated and dissapoint them. I think I have nothing more to say or perhaps don’t know what to say more? perhaps its enough

    1. Hey Krishan…lovely Diwali Greetings from you ! Discrimination !? Disappointment !? Not Selfless !? Wow !….but I shall not reciprocate these sentiments !….keep the faith Krishan !….you need me to cover analysis or my view of a specific scrip or sector or any macro issue on my blog all you have to do i ask ! and I shall endeavour to do so,like I have been on this blog for years !…if you noticed there are no ads on this blog….also when listed companies or their reps and channels approach me to cover certain views in a certain way I do not entertain them….I hold Independent views and hold no favour or bias or prejudice ….I’m not an activist…..and certainly would like to know what would you like me to cover on this Blog ?…and why are you disappointed ?…any specific reason ? and if any blog post has offended or upset you,I do apologise…Have a Great Diwali and a Great Samvat 2070 coming up !…and do please keep visiting the Blog and responding…….you are the True Mirror….. Cheers !

  4. Happy Diwali & Happy New Year.
    I enjoy whatever is written over here,whether abt share mkt or anything else.I agree with you that there should not be any free lunch & i don’t think you are doing anything wrong,nor i am felling cheated:)

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