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Happy Dussehra & Happy Vijayadashmi to all

On This Holy Dussehra Day Wish all of you a Great Day and Year Ahead

May Good always Triumph over Evil

Thanks to all  you Friends,Family,Clients,Workshop Participants,Students and Associates who have called,emailed and send SMS wishing me today

I’m saving costs…so No return SMS or Calls !…Just like I told my wife that we’ll be having a CandleLight Dinner and she was thrilled at the romance of it all till I told her it was to save on electricity ! 

Thanks Daughter for your Lovely Email carrying this Shloka

bandhuratmatmanastasya yenatmaivatmana jitah ll
 anatmanastu satrutve vartetatmaiva satruvat ll 

which translates into
May the strength of your mind
bring you greater glories in life. 

 Go and Buy some Gold…it’s auspicious to do so today and will also protect you from Equities !…But Be careful…Banks selling 2gms,5 gms,8gms,10 gms Gold Coins always have a 15% to 20% mark up over Market Prices…They claim it’s because of the  99.9 Purity..Now they have another excuse…Rupee has depreciated 25% this year to near Rs 49 to the Dollar making Imports Costly…ofcourse their Inventory was created when the Rupee was more solid

I got up earlier than usual this Morning…So what if it was already 7.45 am…bathed and left….Traditionally got those Flower Garlands for the Car and House and delivered Hot ‘Jalebis’ and ‘Papdi’ to Houses of Near and Dear ones

However this time I did something more satisfying and beautiful….I actually did ‘Darshan’ at Six Religious Temples in South Mumbai of ‘Ambaji Mata’,’Saraswati Mata’,’Mahalakshmi Mata,’Sai Baba'(Do so every Thursday ) and Jain Tirthankaras and at Three Temples of Learning,a School and Two Commerce Colleges where My Wife and I studied and where my Children are now Studying…Felt Great Positive Vibes

Jai Mata Di !


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