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Happy Holi & Happy Dhuleti

🙂  Happy Holi & Happy Dhuleti 

Intended to visit a Holi Fire enroute home from office late evening ~ however the usual fire was yet to be lit ~ thought I would miss the Holi Fire today….

…guess what ! when your mind desires it strong it will happen !

Holi Fire Lit at 11.30 pm,March 26,2013 in the Hanuman Temple Compound at Worli


…later past 11 pm enroute to Siddhivinayak Temple it being a Tuesday was blessed by four lit Holi fires enroute ! ~ started at a holi fire lit just below  Ambani’s Antilla on Altamount Road,and then on the Carmichael Road Slope that leads to Pedder Road and then a huge Holi Fire in the Compound of the Front  Main Road Facing Temple at Mahalakshmi and finally at the Hanuman Temple opposite the Shrine of Infant Jesus and St Anthony at Worli ~managed to capture the picture above of  the Holi Fire at Worli  ~from the Mobile at 11.30 pm and from across the Road so pardon the grainy quality ~ just imbibe the Blessings

Now Good Night Guys ~ need to snatch a few hours of sleep ~ have to drop daughter to the Station at 5 am ~ she’s going to the IAYP Camp at Dang in Gujarat for a few days ~ leadership and social work

After that let’s play Holi ! ~ just gulal though !

Cheers !


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