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Happy New Samvat 2070 to All ~ Sensex and Nifty Salute and Celebrate and Herald with New Muhurat Highs of 21239 and 6317 respectively !

Happy New Samvat 2070 to All  

May All of you Enjoy Peace & Good Health and the Company of your Loved ones Always

May the  Sensex and Nifty keep Saluting and Celebrating and Heralding the New Year  with New Highs !They recorded Closing Highs of  21239 and 6317 respectively in Muhurat Trading last evening

May Maa Lakshmi bring Prosperity to all of You

Maa Lakshmi

Fed my Residence Guardian Angels early Morning yesterday on Diwali Day

Residence Guardian Angels

…and then went with Family to do the Traditional Diwali Lakshmi Chopda Poojan at Office….this year seriously contemplating reverting back to the Hardbound Accounting Book Ledgers as Computer Hard Disks keep Crashing or getting Corrupted or more scaringly are simply being Hacked into too easily !

Traditional Diwali Lakshmi Chopda Poojan in Office for Samvat 2070


3 thoughts on “Happy New Samvat 2070 to All ~ Sensex and Nifty Salute and Celebrate and Herald with New Muhurat Highs of 21239 and 6317 respectively !”

  1. Hello Sir
    Happy samvat 2070 to you, your family and everybody. May this samvat brings good health wealth and peace to everyone. Like the pic of maa lakshmi.
    Forgot to mention the links of the blogs where diwali picks are mentioned and neither related personaly nor professionaly just a reader of these good blogs like yours and appreciate you for allowing me to write the above mentioned links for the benefit of all readers.

  2. Krishan,the only advice I can sincerely give you as Samvat 2070 begins is that if you are sourcing free Buy and Sell Ideas please do personally verify and check these for your self….after all the risk remains yours and you may be blindly following a blind man himself!…and get blinded by losses !….and I don’t exclude myself too from this potential risk you take in actioning out others ideas !….and have a Great Prosperous Samvat 2070 where all the ideas you action work well for you…the web links you have mentioned are sources for Ideas…. mentioning them in your response and my allowing this in no way implies I certify or endorse them and their contents in any way!….Readers are the best judge….but do exercise caution and I reiterate to verify Ideas for yourself regardless of who is presenting them…don’t get seduced by Big Names…many needs suckers to play out their vested interests….Cheers !

  3. Hello Sir
    everyone knows that stock market is fraught with risk even ace investor RJ stocks value eroded by 80 to 90%. I had been a client of two stocks advisory services but could not gain even lost money but made some money with free ideas but I am not saying which is good or bad and no advisor may be free or fee based can take guarantee or responsibilty because risk is always there so everybody has to take his own call. Though I am not promiting their blog names but they are not big names or experts of tv channels or print media or any fund houses nor they give tips targets multibaggers or any alluring word like that so not following blindly any blind person I am benefitted may be others also get benifit they can read and take their own call and not saying you to endorse or certify these blogs but I am thankful you allowed to mention them on your blog for which I really appreciate you.

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