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‘Happy New Year’ ~ What a Farah Khan Farce of a Movie !

‘Happy New Year’ ~ What a Farah Khan Farce of a Movie !

As with all Shah Rukh Khan Starrers there is great pre movie hype and publicity that raises great expectations

Saw it  one late night a few days ago and was thankful wasted less at Regal than one of those ‘loot’ multiplexes…though the seats are not that comfortable and offer only a slight automatic recline that those who wish to sit straight up detest and the whole row shakes when one laughs out loud or rumbles too much in their seat….so on the other hand actually maybe I could have reclined well in those voluptuous multiplex seats and slept through the movie !

Are we ,as a nation, so desensitized to be thrown one senseless top star movie after another and actually enjoy them as entertainment for the masses !

Shah Rukh Khan ,may be energetic ,but looks old…..Saving Grace is Abhishek Bachhan & Deepika Padukone…and to some extent Dubai Dolphins and the ‘Atlantis’ though I sense Indians are fast moving on and less awed by such grandeur

And I was horrified to see young parents with their five,six or seven year old kids actually jumping in their seats in front on some slapstick comedy or crude dialogue !…though I concede there are one or two howling moments with Abhishek,not when he’s vomiting though !…..and should kids innocence be killed at this tender age  when exposed to vulgar ,especially gay,innuendos and lusty song and dance !

And the Movie is breaking Collection Records !…crossing even Dhoom 3 and raking in Rs 108 crs in the first three days !…Brands like Nokia and others have paid @ Rs 30 crs !…that’s big money…. to be featured in the movie in a scene or even in the dialogue

So Gauri & Shah Rukh Khan & Red Chillies will be laughing their way to the Bank once more….who cares for Sense when Millions can be made from Nonsense ! 

God Save India !

Or am I a Prude ! ?



2 thoughts on “‘Happy New Year’ ~ What a Farah Khan Farce of a Movie !”

  1. Hello Gaurav,

    You are very much right on this one. It amazes me too how people are always criticizing such cinema and then keep giving them sales.

    But, on a positive note, if majority is stupid, it will only help minority (hopefuly I am in there.. somewhere) to amke gains.. be it cinema or stock market

    P.S. Love to read your blogs and eagerly waiting for your next recommendation.


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