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Happy October everyone

Welcome to the month of  October and celebrate Gandhi Jayanti, Navratri,Vijay Dashami and  Bakri Id .Dont expect much from our Markets….Sensex and Nifty too are Human and Sensitive to abuse !

As Diwali approaches early next month expect the Political Election Pitch to get more aggressive and personal and even shamelessly abusive…..some may revel at the entertainment of it all….Not me

Less you read the Newspapers and see TV,more Happy you will be !

Cheers !


2 thoughts on “Happy October everyone”

  1. Dear Sir,

    Sigmund Freud would be turning in his grave to see how his theories are getting used and abused…….the circulation and TRP wars will reach crescendo with election approaching…..TV channel bosses will rake in millions on paid news item….cuttle fish hypnotize its prey….the same way masses will never know that they have not voted but have been made to vote.


  2. Hey Anurag that was deep!…Freud himself never coined the phrase ‘Freudian Slip’…but he did call them Fehlleistungen which is German for faulty actions,faulty functions and misperformances !

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