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Happy Republic Day to all Indians all around this Lovely planet Earth

We celebrate our Republic Day today,January 26, 2009…. Proud and Privileged and Blessed to be born a Free Indian and Live and Feel and Sense and Breathe this Beautiful Country from it’s Cosmopolitan Heart, Mumbai

Spend a Quiet and Reflective Day,listening to a host of Patriotic Songs and Inspiring Speeches by Visionary Indians and contemplating what lies ahead for all of us in 2009 and beyond

As every year, also viewed ‘Live’ on TV, the Impressive Republic Day Parade in New Delhi… our PM too did the same, as he is recuperating in the Hospital after an urgent second By pass heart Surgery.

As the Day ends, stand up to ‘Attention’ as our National Anthem reverberates all around us ” Jana Gana Mana Adhi Nayak Jaya He !……..”

Yes!, you too!, Mr Shashi Tharoor… I know you mean well, but do take that right hand off your Heart as the Anthem Plays…. It Commands Decorum and Great Respect and standing at full Attention!…… Mr Tharoor, perhaps you can express your warm sentiments from your Heart when ‘Vande Mataram…. Maa Tujhe Salaam!’ is being sung…. I’ll support you wholeheartedly   


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