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Happy Republic Day to all Indians ~ Soar High yet Stay Grounded !

Soar High- Happy Republic Day

Soar High ! You are the Hero of Our Motherland ~ A Proud Indian

Stand out among the 1.2 Billion Indians and also humbly Stand by them !


2 thoughts on “Happy Republic Day to all Indians ~ Soar High yet Stay Grounded !”

  1. Sir,

    Belated wishes for Rebublic day.looking at these fighter jets hope nifty also flies the same way…..umeed par tho aasman tika hai..Still in India the is no taxes on hopes may be a retropective tax be imposed:))by a initially PM aspirant later turned President aspirant.


  2. Had Warned Clients a week ago that Markets may melt a bit….these currency wars are causing the mayhem….forget Nifty and Sensex Anurag and focus on selective bottom up strategy….there are many winners that you will get an opportunity to latch on to on the falls….but do keep an investment rather than trading perspective

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