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Happy Valentines Day to All ~ Love is all about a good PIC ! ~ Passion ! Intimacy ! Commitment ! ~ it is also about Faith!~ So Love our Stock Markets and keep the Faith!

Happy Valentine’s Day to All ~ Love is all about a good PIC ! ~ Passion ! Intimacy ! Commitment !  ~ that’s what my daughter conveyed to me when hugging me this early morning at 6.20 am when I dropped her for Football Practice ! ~ That’s Cool !

It’s about some ‘Sole’ Bonding too !

Some 'Sole' Bonding !

Yesterday a Friend and Client dropped in to the Office to discuss the decimation of  Automobile Sector Company CEBBCO from Rs 90+ levels to half that at Rs 45 in just a few days last week ! ~ and No! it’s not one of our Recommendations like it has been of several Broking Groups ! ~ their Clients probably are celebrating ‘Valen-time Day !’ ~ that’s a Chapati Roller which often is depicted in the hands of an Angry Woman out to beat somebody with it !

And simply out of the Blue he posed this to me :

~ ” What are your picks for tomorrow morning !?”

~ “Huh!?” I looked at him pensive and smiling ~ yes you can do both together!

~ “It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and you Love the Markets so much so you got to Offer it something  !” he stated

~ and I replied “Well,yes I do Love the Markets Passionately,Intimately and with Committment ! but it’s time the Markets responded and reciprocated too ! ~ last time it did was in November last year when it doubled my  L & T Finance past Rs 90 ~It’s being swinging this way and that way for some time now! and  I’ve offered it more than it’s offered me !”

~ “You don’t keep Count when you’re in Love !”

~ ” Tell that to my Clients !”

 Wondering should I offer a Red Rose to my Wife ! ~ daughter thinks it’s too cliche ! ~ Ah! perhaps I’ll Offer a Watermelon  ~ that’s real red inside ! ~ but what if she drops it like Hema Malini did in ‘Satte peh Satta’ when wooer Amitabh Bachhan offered it to her !

I’ve got to keep the Faith !~We do make a great ‘Sole Bonding’ PIC ! ~ and for me everyday is Valentine’s Day !

Cheers ! Guys !  and once again Happy Valentine’s Day to all of You ~ Love is also about Faith ! ~ Keep the Faith in our Stock Markets !


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