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Have our Politicians gone stark raving Mad !?…Just hear their balderdash “bakwas” !

We are facing another tragedy…. Politicians continuing and insensitive “Bakwas”… Politicians are speaking Poppycock !

I’m ashamed that we have such politicians in India… even their Minds have gone corrupt… it’s a case of Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts absolutely… They take all the perks (both,official and unofficial) of power for granted

Be warned ! Mumbai and India are not your Property !.. We don’t serve you !. You are elected to serve us ! 

Ayaz Memon rightly lamented in his Sunday Column in DNA “Truth is that India is treated as prime real estate by politicians (and by extension, bureaucrats) of various hues to fight over”

Here’s a sprinkling of Politician’s Poppycock and  Balderdash “Bakwas”… these politicians spread across spectrum of leading political parties

Mr V S Achuthanandan, CM of Kerala and of CPI (M)


“If it was not for Sandeep, not even a dog would have visited the house !”


Uttered in anger after late Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s father asked the CM and his Home Minister to leave his house as he did not want political lip sympathy… They had visited his House despite being requested earlier not to come

What I think

Local Lingo for “Untouchability” and a strong local curse are embedded in the CM’s Name… This senile 80+ years old insensitive man has even refused to apologise for this insult to a martyr’s father… I think we should send 100 dogs, only dogs, to the CM’s House to register that only dogs vist his House !… and then all of us can accompany these dogs to the Unnikrishnan House to mark our support to the family and show that along with concerned and conscentious citizens even Dogs vist the House

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, BJP Vice President


“Just Five Women putting on Lipstick and Powder and Four Men in Tie and Suits going around in Western Style and lighting candles and cursing politicians is not the Voice of India” 


To pay Homage to those who lost their Lives in last week’s terrorist attack in South Mumbai, many Mumbaikars gathered at vantage points like the Gateway of India and Taj and Oberoi and Marine Drive to light candles… There is a justified outrage against politicians at the helm for being impotent in ensuring the security of citizens 

What I Think

Mr Naqvi, I think you have some very dangerous pre-conceived notions. I Hope you are just a senseless and insensitive politician who is probably not used to being challenged intelligently by concerned and conscientious citizens… Or do you have some ulterior motive and are speaking someone else’s language because you’re indebted to them?.. You are most definitely not the ‘Voice of India’… maybe the ‘Voice of Some Others”

Mr Vilasrao Deshmukh, CM ( On his way Out) Maharashtra of the Congress


“I have offered to resign and if the Congress High Command thinks that a CM is responsible for what happened, then whatever they decide I shall abide”


The CM was being queried by journalists whether he had send in his resignation letter to take responsibility for the Terrorist Attacks last Week in South Mumbai in which his State Machinery was simply impotent to ensure the safety of Mumbaikars   

What I Think

Mr Deshmukh may be calm personified but as a CM he is simply ineffective… He cannot take quick decisions… he is merely a Congress Stooge with zilch leadership qualities…. he lacks the courage or passion to stand up for what he believes in and this acts as a hurdle in taking the correct moral action without bothering about political and other consequences …. Pray, tell me, Mr Deshmukh, who else is responsible for what happened if not the Governing Head !?…and next time do call me when you escort visitors like your Film Actor Son and ‘Mafia’ based Movie Maker, Ram Gopal Varma  to the Taj Hotel to promote “Terror Tourism”… I would like to join your entourage just by ‘Co-incidence’

Mr R R Patil, Dy CM and State Home Minister,Maharashtra and of Sharad Pawar’s NCP and who just resigned


“In  Big City Like this, one or two tragedies like this can occur and this does not mean there is a total failure”


Ten Terrorists  came in from the Sea at 8.30 pm on the night of Wednesday, November 26, 2008 and audaciously assaulted South Mumbai at various places, firing indiscriminately, holding hostages at three places and the city to ransom for over 60 hours… Nine Terrorists were killed and one was captured alive but not before inflicting casualties that are now set to cross 200 and injuring over 300 others 

What I Think

This Home Minister has rightly resigned and rightly gone Home to Sangli… He may be a good man but Mumbai is a Big Cosmopolitan Metropolis and needs a seasoned, experienced and trained professional to head Security and ensure it for Mumbaikars… If he had stayed, I would bet that while I lay dying from a Terrorist’s Bullet or Grenade I would hear him uttering “In a Country of nearly 1.2 Billion people, a death like this, here and there, happens”


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