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Heading for the Himalayas Seeking Some Stock Answers…

🙄 Heading for the Himalayas Seeking Some Stock Answers…

😆 ..had an entertaining minute this morning with a client,PK, who after seeing my dp status inquired on bbm if I was going trekking into the Himalayas ~ bbm chat in verbatim below

PK :  :lol:Going himalaya?When

Me: :roll:Himalayas To seek some stock answers!

PK : ;-)seek my life answer :-)When are you heading and when you will come back ~ Sir you know most of answer maybe sages and spiritual leader will seek answer from you in Himalaya 😀

Me : 😀

PK : 😀 Keep posted when you are coming back

😐  Client’s pulled my leg so now I can’t Head for the Himalayas !


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