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High Ranking Government Official spits out a ‘Pichkari’ from his official car last night !

I wish I had captured this disgusting Spitting Image at 11.45 pm last night

At the Haji Ali Signal in South Mumbai,a White SX 4 bearing the sign “Government of India” and with registration plates MH 01 AH 6494 slowed down…It was being driven by a Official Driver  ( He’s going to get Overtime surely !) and in the back seat was,I assume , a high ranking Government Offical….He was not even concerned if anyone was a witness….probably thought it was near Midnight and no one was watching…… he just opened the back door and spit out a ‘ mouthful of pichkari’…he must have had a ‘Paan’ or some ‘Mouth Masala’ and was spitting it out ….you may recall all those betel stains you see on Lift Walls and other places as you walk by……This scene is there even in the Movie ‘ Lage Raho Munnabhai’

I guess Rules are made only for the Common Man and not for those who make them or weild them !      


2 thoughts on “High Ranking Government Official spits out a ‘Pichkari’ from his official car last night !”

  1. Hi Gaurav,
    I share with you the grave concern about such indecent and unhygienic behaviour of a high government official in his official chauffeur driven vehicle-the guy clearly lacks any civic sense-think of what must be happening in his department! Since you have the number plate may be we can find out who the worthy was. Given that it was midnight and he was a government high-up or someone related to him, I am not sure he was spitting -he might have been puking!

  2. Arzan Raimalwala

    Unfortunately, till a police officer can feel safe to walk up to a person with strong political power and fine him for doing such a thing without losing his job or being transferred to a remote village you can expect such double standards to continue operating. A photo or video would have been priceless!

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