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Hope Your Sense of Humour is yet Intact ?

You can’t do much with all this Financial Chaos happening around you…but you can begin this Week with a few chuckles related to this crisis

Q : Why are MBAs in USA returning to their Colleges ?

A : To ask for their Money Back


Q : What’s the difference between an Investment Banker and a Large Pizza ?

A :A Large Pizza can feed a Family of Four


Q: Why do you say that the Market has Stabilised ?

A : 40 Years ago I sold 100 shares of a Company and was able to Buy a Brand New 1968 Fiat Car…Last Week I checked that if I sold another 100 shares of this Company I would yet be able to Buy a 1968 Fiat the Market has stabilised


Q: What do you call a group of 12 Investment Bankers,Brokers and Advisors at the bottom of the Ocean ?

A : A Good Start


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