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How Glibly Stock Channels recommend past Wealth Destroyers

😳  One should never hold Emotions in Stock Markets !

🙁  Now state this to those whose wealth has been destroyed by Investing in some Listed Companies of  especially Big Business Houses !

👿  Now Relate this in context of  many ‘Experts’ on Stock Channels continuing to recommend ad nauseam such past Wealth Destroyers and Other Companies of the connected Business House

🙄  Surely you don’t want me to enlighten you with examples of such ‘Experts’ and such ‘Companies’ of such ‘Business Houses’ !?

😐 We all Have Emotions and the More Principled have More !


1 thought on “How Glibly Stock Channels recommend past Wealth Destroyers”

  1. Sir,

    Currently the experts are hell bent on destroying the wealth of ‘put option buyers’


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