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How just Rs 8000 Turns into Rs 1.3 crs in Stocks in 8 Years ! ~ Dreams can be Reality too !

😆 How Rs 8000 Turns into Rs 1.3 crs in Stocks in 8 Years by entering & exiting in just Three Stocks one after the other !

Dreams can be Reality too ! 

😯 July 2006 ~ Buy 10 Shares of MMTC at Rs 800 = Rs 8000

😮 November 2007 ~  Sell 10 Shares of MMTC at Rs 50000! = Rs 500000

That’s a Crazy Great Return of 6150% in just over a year !

😉 Take a Two Year + Break from November 2007 to February 2010 living of  Work Income + FD Interest on Rs 500000 !

🙂 February 2010 ~ Buy 2500 Shares of Jubilant Foodworks (Dominos) at Rs 200 = Rs 500000

😮 November 2013 ~ Sell 2500 Shares of Jubilant Foodworks at Rs 1300 = Rs 3250000

That’s another great return of 550% in three and a half years !

😀 December 2013 ~ Buy 10000 Shares of Force Motors at Rs 325 = Rs 3250000

😛 September 2014 ~ Sell 10000 Shares of Force Motors at Rs 1300 = Rs 1.3 Crores ! 

Now yet again a superb 300% Return inside a year !

How  😎 is this 162400 % Return in & out of just Three Stocks in just over Eight years  !

As Easy as this !

That’s the Lure of Equity for you !

Required Attributes & Skills ~ Faith in Equities, Conviction,Cool Selection,Patience,Temperament &  Timely Entry & Exit

The Ultimate Gigantic Returns have their base in that Crazy Initial Return of 6150% in MMTC !

Whats the Mantra ! ?

Look for a Big Company with a Small Price !….somebody will bale it out as the Stakes are too high for all Stakeholders to let the Company die !  

😈  I’m not talking about Kingfisher Airlines ! though it’s available at just over Rs 1 and just over Rs 100 crs for the Full Airline in case anyone dares !

🙄 Of Course Rs 800 for MMTC is not a Small Price ! but it did climb to Rs 50000 in just over a year  !

The Power of Compounding in Equities is the real Mantra ! 



10 thoughts on “How just Rs 8000 Turns into Rs 1.3 crs in Stocks in 8 Years ! ~ Dreams can be Reality too !”

  1. I do not what MMTC financials was looking at that time. Let alone future possibility. You know about that and present balance sheet of Kingfisher Airlines.

  2. We really need to keep on searching for such good companies with strong business models & management.

    Gaurav whats your take on same bcoz many midcaps have ran rocket high and are they really sustainable?

    Just for example stocks like NBCC, MPS, etc.

  3. Yes Kushal many have run away huge this year and are even quoting currently at records or near record highs….Risk of buying into them or holding them at these levels is therefore much higher…they have been re-rated and therefore their relative valuations are very high…many have been pulled up by relentless buying and support from big or vested quarters…NBCC & MPS were so attractive last year and have performed well too…but such high Valuations ?…Now it’s less riskier to bet in the next two to three years on Sectors that have not participated yet like Power & Infra to run up

  4. Well! That was i can tell u how c can theoretivcally create wealth greather GDP of world from just Rs.1 by traing in options 🙂

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