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Huge Bull Era on us ~ Vision 2018 ~ Strategy to Beat the Sensex

Huge Bull Era dawning…actually has dawned on us ~Vision 2018 ~  Strategy to Beat the Sensex

The next few years ought to be game changers…make that life changers….for all those who are invested in Indian Equity…Huge Wealth Creation is on the cards

Time to move heavily into Equities from Physical Assets…Sensex from 25000 to 50000 in 3 to 4 years !?…that’s a Double !…so if you want to beat this Double and score a Treble ,what should be your Equity Investment Approach & Strategy !?

Check out these three May 2014 Weekenders we gave in our SCRIP STANDPOINT Module on Strategy to Best the Sensex going forward 3 to 5 years ..Vision 2018 at least and  how to leverage on an Exciting Equity Era  that’s on us and reflected in the Saffron Sensex !

With  Modi & NDA in Government it is expected that they will fast track decisive measures to put India back on GDP Growth Track of 6% and then 7% to 9% in the next few years …..All the Four Legs of the  Equity Table are getting Stronger…Liquidity (@ US 8 Billion FII Net Inflows so far  in 2014) ~Valuation ~Sentiment ~Momentum

Just be Cautious though of what your’s getting into for you’ll see Cats & Dogs bouncing and IPOs coming one after the other at heavy premiums…Buy into Strong Fundamental Stories….and for god sake don’t get foolishly greedy and desperate to fall blindly for those unsolicited mass SMSes that have again started to proliferate to buy this scrip or the other with outlandish targets…SEBI has been trying to catch the culprits with the help of cyber guys on these but have met with limited success….do your research…do your homework…trust only trusted sources and try to distinguish them from vested sources…and these include a lot of balderdash you hear on Stock Channels on TV

Time to Make Monies yet again in Equity actually began last year….early days yet….but keep a 3 to 5 year perspective

This is a May 2014 Testimonial from a Retail Client &  one of the reasons why he must have given us a Thumbs Up !

Thumbs Up for us from a Retail Investor


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