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Huge Retail Price Gap between MNC Glaxo Drug & Indian Mankind Pharma marketed similar Drug

Am down with a severe toothache for past two days and have been advised Augmentin 625 Medication by the Dentist  ~ it’s all my fault for neglecting an annual dental check up ~ I always rush when my teeth painfully remind me that they exist ! ~and this situation arises every two years and thus  Augmentin 625 is not a new prescription for me !

Glaxo makes Augmentin 625 and it retails in Mumbai for Rs 266 for a strip of six tabs ~ Basically it’s a Amoxycillin & Potassium Clavulanate Formulation

The Indian Brands are Clavmentin by Wockhardt and the Moxikind -CV 625 marketed by Mankind Pharma Ltd and made by Copmed Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Got to take Two a day and I ran out of Clavmentin and the Chemist had both Augmentin (Rs 266) &  Moxikind-CV 625 which retails at just Rs 75 for 6 tabs !

I chose Moxikind-CV 625 for Rs 75 rather than paying Rs 266 for Augmentin 625 ! 

I chose Mankind Pharma over Glaxo !

The Chemist and a Close Friend who has done his B Pharm say I’m not really compromising as the tablets have a similar composition and the Indian Drug Industry is regulated even though pirated and adulterated drugs scenario exists ~ Buy from reputed Chemists and insist on a Bill that details the Strips batch number and other details

I am sure there are many Drug Formulations,which go off patent and become generic, where a Cheaper Indian Company Option exists

 Update on Morning of Thursday,August 1,2013

Not too sure about the efficacy of Moxikind as I yet don’t feel the relief on third day after having it ~ whereas Augmentin was pretty effective by the third day ~ Anurag & Mayur  you make  good points ~ also what scares me is  the recent US Warning issued for Imports from Wockhardt’s Waluj Plant and that the formulations may be adulterated   and this morning news of even the dreaded ‘483’  show cause letter from US FDA to Strides Arcolab for one of it’s injectibles ~this is a precursor to issuing a warning if the response is not recieved or not  accepted  ~ so Anil,one cannot blame us Indians too to rely on the MNC Pharma Company Retailed Drugs

Further Update on Afternoon of Thursday,August 1,2013

My Dentist confirms ,after having had a look,that I need to shift to Orni O 500 mg from Augmentin~ so maybe I was being unkind to Moxikind !


4 thoughts on “Huge Retail Price Gap between MNC Glaxo Drug & Indian Mankind Pharma marketed similar Drug”

  1. I too have seen this and asked my doctor friends, they advice MNC drugs to high risk/critical patients/where they cant take chance in critical cases, and generic ones to patients where criticality is not there.

    The perception with MNC drugs is that they are manufactured in much better way than domestic ones and give faster , predictable and more accurate results is what they have seen from their experience.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Most Indian drugs are made with IP grade formulation and MNC’s with BP Grade,though the purity levels are almost same but toxic retention in body is higher with Indian drugs.Iam not sure on this,but thats the story,other factor could be promotion exp of MNC’s could be higher


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