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I am simply knocked senseless to even express shock and anger at our Government on how the Murderers Italian Marines were allowed to get away from India to Italy

I am simply knocked senseless to even express shock and anger at our Government on how the Murderers Italian Marines Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone were allowed to get away from India to Italy

These guys were  on initially on trial in Kerala and then the jurisdiction shifted to Supreme Court for firing and killing two Indian fisherman off the Kerala Coast ~ they were allowed to go to Italy for 2012 Christmas and they returned  creating some comfort level ~ so when they applied to the Supreme Court to go to Italy to vote with the Italian Ambassador to India standing guarantee for their return,and seemingly with no objection being raised by the Solicitor General and lawyers  representing the Government,the Supreme Court allowed them to do so

And now the Italian Foreign Ministry has stated that given the formal initiation of  an International dispute between two states Government  these Marines will not be returning to India to stand trial !

There is a sinister and terrifying pattern that was always suspected and lurking but is now being confirmed :

~ In 1984,Warren Anderson ,the Union Carbide Chairman at the time was allowed,in fact escorted,to leave Bhopal and India after he was accused of manslaughter for the 1984 Chemical Leak that shattered Bhopal and killed thousands ~ USA refuses to extradite him to stand trial in India

~ In 1995 Kim Davy was the chief accused in the Purulia Arms Drop ~ he is in Denmark and extradition efforts to India have been hampered by his revelation that the Arms Drop was in fact an Indian Government exercise to destabilise the CPI(M) Government of West Bengal ~ and that he was escorted to safety outside India with CBI even declaring to Indian Courts they had no clue where he was while he was always available in his own apartment in Denmark and is willing to come over and confess in Indian Courts

~ In 2012 two Italian Marines who were hired by a shipping company to thwart pirates at sea opened fire from their Ship and killed two Indian fishermen off the coast of Kerala  ~ they were arrested to stand trial in India ~ and now after being allowed to visit Italy to cast their Vote,they will not be returning ! ~ cannot believe that India allowed itself to be hoodwinked by the Italian Government and it’s ambassador in India !!!~ so was there tacit support !? ~ and while this controversial trial was playing out in India,what in God’s Name was the Indian Government doing closing out an agreement with Italy  in December 2012 that allowed convicted nationals in each other countries to serve their sentence in their Home country !  ~ and how did the Indian Government not object through it’s lawyers in the Supreme Court that the Italian Marines need not be in Italy to vote ! as they could do so by postal ballot from India !

India wants answers ! ~ and not from Congress puppets who sickeningly appear on various News Channels to defend nonsensically and in vain what is clearly indefensible ~ we need the hear what the PM and the Congress President have to say

Next Year 2014 India will Vote again,if not earlier ! and I daresay this UPA Government is going to have a tough time to stay in Power ~ increasingly they are losing even the  secular sympathy they had and that their Two PMs of the Family were assassinated, trump cards that they keep waving through the Huge Corruption Shroud that now threatens their survival, as the Indian People are increasingly screaming out ” Any Alternative is a Better One ~ even the BJP !” ~ can understand why Industry Chiefs are openly endorsing BJP’s and Gujarat CM,Narendra Modi despite him being under a cloud for his role in deliberately not immediately sending forces to tackle the Gujarat communal riots of 2002

I remain angry and numb and knocked senseless ! ~ Living in An Extraordinary Nation ruled by Ordinary People…


4 thoughts on “I am simply knocked senseless to even express shock and anger at our Government on how the Murderers Italian Marines were allowed to get away from India to Italy”

  1. If the Pakistanis had talked to the right people .. …….. they could have talked India to let Kasab to go back to Pakistan…

  2. anurag awasthi

    Going by the lessons from Mr.White and White Iam plannig to buy BEMl from 175levels.pls shre your views.

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