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India ~ An Extraordinary Nation led by Very Ordinary Politicians

India ~ An Extraordinary Nation led by Very Ordinary Politicians

The List is Long ~ Now in the spotlight is Gadkari ~ or Gadbadkari !?~ comes on in an exclusive NDTV Studio Interview and brushes off Fake Address Issue of Shareholders saying they must have changed the Address and new Address will be provided !~ Come on Mr Gadkari! we vist Alibag only for weekend relaxation! ~these are fake addresses or real addresses where the shareholders have never had any connection with~ probably deliberately given so that the trail goes cold in case of any probe !

…..and Drivers and Astrologers being made Directors ,some having no clue that they have been made thus  !?

… Driver is now refusing to return from his Village until I make him a Director !

……Methinks late Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” is the Anthem of all these leading politiicians,whether they are in the UPA or NDA or supporting them ~ and they cry hoarse that our Parliament is a a ‘Temple’ ~ Kejriwal has got it absolutely right !~They’re all in it together for the fun of it ! ~ with economic reforms scaling up the pie for all to dig in for bigger slices !~collusion in corruption across all political parties ~only lip service by them demanding resignations and probes on each other ! ~ together they scuttled the tabling and discussion of the Jan LokPal Bill ! for fear of being caught and exposed and prosecuted !

Congress has it’s Pandora’s Box ~Kalmadi & Khurshid ~ Vadra & Veerbhadra…..and BJP has one too with  Gadkari now being hounded for impropriety

How do we cleanse and sterilize our Political System and Set Up !?….we need more Kejriwals and Anna Hazares ! ….we are a great people of a great nation and we deserve new greater ,secular, incorruptible and selfless political leaders that rise from within the people themselves

…..and we need an Independent Media,an Executive and a Judiciary with a strong moral conscience and sense of duty to support a new political uprising

….Rabindranath Tagore’s poem pounds my mind …“Where the Mind is without Fear and the Head is Held High….into that Heaven of Freedom,my Father,let my Country Awake ” 




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