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India beat Pakistan and Sri Lanka but yet is out of the Asia Cup as deserving Bangladesh beat Sri Lanka for the right to play Pakistan in their first Asia Cup Final…Sachin Tendulkar,any comments ?

India beat Pakistan and Sri Lanka but yet is out of the Asia Cup as deserving Bangladesh beat Sri Lanka for the right to play Pakistan in their first Asia Cup Final…Sachin Tendulkar,any comments ?

Hosts Bangladesh has played a brilliant  Asia Cup…nearly won against Pakistan,beat India and just now knocked out Sri Lanka….and deservedly won the right to play Pakistan in the Final on Thursday

Sri Lanka lost all three matches,while India,Pakistan,and Hosts Bangladesh won two each…Pakistan topped the table with 9 points that included a Bonus while Bangladesh and India are on 8 points each with Sri Lanka not opening their account

Bangladesh by virtue of beating India gained entry to their first Asian Cup Final

India must now be rueing their luck…and must have been on their way to the Airport to return even as the Bangladesh and Sri Lanka  Match had yet to finish !

That feeling comes back strongly…….that I blogged on March 16,2012 when  Sachin Tendulkar got his 100th Ton but yet India lost to Bangladesh ….Bangladesh chased a target successfully with just four balls remaining….of Sachin slowing down to a strike rate of 45%  as he approached his 100th Ton…when he was on a strike rate of 84%….to me ,it cost us the match !….and today we find that India has beaten both Pakistan and Sri Lanka and yet  don’t play the Asia Cup Final as it lost to Bangladesh and thus got edged out !….Sachin Tendulkar,any comments !?….I found columnist  Sumit Chakraberty of DNA echoing the same sentiment in the Sunday Edition of March 18,2012

Can we please not reduce cricket to WWF?

My earlier full blog post is below and the relevant extract from that is also reproduced below…..My Wife,like I daresay most Indians,disagrees with me and thinks it is natural to slow down as the century approaches and why single out just Sachin! …agree,but in the context of  what transpired in the match,it cost us the game and a place in the Final….Mind You ,we all are great Sachin Fans…he’s a Mumbaikar too !….remember the way he singlehandedly blasted Australian bowlers,dancing down the wicket to Shane Warne to loft him for sixes, to score two back to back Centuries in the Sharjah ODIs !  

Sachiiiiin ! Sachin !…Sachiiiiin ! Sachin !….gets his 100th international cricket ton finally today

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Relevant Extract

….but what everyone seems to overlook is at his strike rate statistics breakup in today’s loss….he had scored 81 of 96 Balls …that is a superb strike rate of 84+%…his average in ODIs is a fabulous 86%….then he inexplicably slowed down considerably….his next 19 runs came of 42 balls to give him his century in 138 balls….his strike rate nearly halved to just 45+% !…inexcusable !….seems he was playing safe to ensure his century….especially after he came close to doing so in Mumbai…..finally  he was out scoring 114 of 146 balls…which means his last 14 runs after he scored 100 came of just 8 balls !…that’s a strike rate of 175% !….if you consider that Bangladesh achieved the target with just 4 balls to spare you can not help but feel that Sachin’s slowing down after 81 till he reached his century contributed to the loss….that is his scoring just 19 of 42 balls …..he could have scored another 20 odd runs ….it was even in and around the batting powerplay 

….not taking away anything from the swashbuckling winning display by Bangladesh Batsmen and even from the greatness of Sachin….but this feeling that Sachin should have not frozen when approaching his century stays with me…to me,it was also a contributory factor to the loss…heart of hearts I’m sure he feels this too !

His Last Five Centuries have not resulted in a win for India…a test match was drawn,and ODI was tied and three we lost,including today’s ODI  



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