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India in Cricket : Champs in T 20 but Chumps in Test !

Can’t Understand how India got Crushed in Colombo today by an Innings and 200+ Runs….We’ve got a superb batting line up with the likes of Tendulkar,Gambhir,Sehwag,Ganguly,Dravid and Laxman….Is this capitulation linked with Age and therefore a slowing reflex?

Was the superb performance in the Test Series in Australia just a flash in the pan?

I mean how can you, on one side, have the Magic of Murli and Mendis spinning a web and capturing 19 of the 20 Indian Wickets and on the other side witness the Mundane of Harbhajan and Kumble completely innocuous allowing five Centuries by the Sri Lankan Batsmen…they are supposed to be world class spinners too !

Discounting the delayed start on Opening Day due to the Rain,this first Test Match, in the Three Match Series ,got over in just three days

Since Mendis mesmerised us in the Asia Cup Finals recently,our cricketers have been vulnerable to Mindgames…it’s clearly affected their Concentration and I daresay their Temperament and Technique too….Saw the Way Dravid got Bowled !…Seems like “The Wall” is breaking 

Methinks India now play all forms of Cricket with a T 20 Mindset…..The Obscene Money that the BCCI flaunts especially in the IPL has corrupted our cricketers in more ways than one…made them clearly cocky and complacent

Does not being mauled in Tests like this demoralise our youth ?….If you want to flaunt T20 and play with the Mantra of “Hit Out or Get Out” then give up playing Test Cricket…Cricket is now no longer a Gentlemen’s Game anyway…what with the need for a Third Umpire and now even with Referrals being allowed by Team Captains for onfield Umpiring Decisions…the stakes have gone up and it’s now just all about Money you know !


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