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India is ‘Bandh’ today but Stock Markets are ‘Chalu’ !…Pun intended !

To Protest against the Congress led UPA Government’s recent decision to Hike Prices of Petroleum Products, the Opposition parties led by BJP and even joined by some UPA parties ! had announced a Bharat Bandh today….Political leaders are courting arrest…there is disruption in Road,Rail and Air Transport across the Nation….In Mumbai,Autos and Taxis are off the road….schools are closed…banks have closed shutters as have many establishments….many offices have declared an off day

There is a demand for rollback of this price rise….yesterday,our FM,Pranab Mukherjee asserted that there would be no rollback   

So India is officially Open but practically ‘Bandh’ today but Stock Markets are ‘Chalu’ !…Pun fully intended !….though they were less ‘Chalu’ today as Sensex and the Nifty closed down just 20 points and 1 point respectively at 17441 and 5246 

Cheers !  


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