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Indigo Listing this morning ! ~ Grey Market indicates premium listing


Indigo Spoofed Pre Opening Quotes on BSE and NSE

Indigo Listing this morning ! ~ Grey Market Premium of Rs 58 last evening indicates premium listing over IPO Price of Rs 765….however it may trade even below IPO Pricing during the day

Qatar Airways making noises to buy into Indigo on listing augurs well

Spicejet has already rallied over Rs 51 on the back of Indigo Buoyancy

Trading should commence at 10 am in Indigo

Till then be happy with spoofed pricing pre opening on both BSE and NSE as above with Buyers at Rs 1338.75  and sellers at Rs 573.75 on BSE and Rs 590 on NSE

Spoofing is a crime in USA as one is not allowed to input orders that one has no intent on executing

Don’t tell me these prices are only for testing !

Had prepared a long note on Indigo IPO and suggested it looks good though risk remains on no gains on listing….will put this note up shortly


10 am

What a listing ! at Rs 866 and racing away now in seconds to Rs 880+ ! 15% up from IPO Price of Rs 765


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