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Insider in Crompton Greaves doubling in months in 2014 to Rs 190?

Insider in Crompton Greaves doubling in months in 2014 to Rs 190? 

All the Rise can neither be explained by a favourable impact of the Company turning back into a Consolidated Black in FY 14 from a Consolidated Red in FY 13,the first loss in 10 Years nor can it by the positive effect of the buyback exercise

Standard Clarifications sought by BSE & NSE from the Company based on two Economic Times articles in mid March 2014 and  mid April 2014 on Promoter Thapar seeking to exit  and Standard Responses from the Company !

Check out a detailed write up on this in the SCRIP STANDPOINT Module on

Company does not know if the Promoter is seeking to exit!? Really !?….It’s as if  Thapar is only the Owner but the Company is not managed by him !…and we know that’s not the case !…he is the Chairman and Laurent Demortier is the CEO & MD 

Why can’t the Exchanges & SEBI seek Clarifications from Promoter Gautam Thapar and Goldman Sachs entrusted to seek Buyers for the Thapar 42.7% Equity Sake !? …they did not respond to Economic Times Questionnaire while the Reporters were writing their Story as they were not legally bound to do so

Need to revise or amend,if not already  a part of,  the Listing Agreement,Insider Laws,Securities Act,Companies Act and even the Substantial Acquisition & Takeover Act to make Exchanges also approach the Promoters and the Investment Bankers and even the Media who reports on such stories for  mandatory seeking compliance and other relevant information

Meanwhile Crompton Greaves yet has some ground to go towards Rs 250 if  one has to believe that Thapar wants a certain Valuation that indicates a price @ 50% higher than current price of @ Rs 190 ! 

Check out the detailed write up linked above and you’ll know what I mean !


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