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Inspiring Listing by MCX at Rs 1400 Levels~ 35% + Premium to IPO Pricing of Rs1032…but will this level sustain ?

Inspiring Listing by MCX at Rs 1400 Levels~ 35% + Premium to IPO Pricing of Rs 1032…but will this level sustain ?

Sensex too is up over 1.75% at levels close to 17500

My Risk Profile and Valuation Sense cautions me to remain a spectator as MCX plays out on the BSE  and also refrain from advising on it till it settles down in the coming weeks….Allottments have been very poor given the huge oversubscription…Makes sense to book profit for such small holdings that will not carry any portfolio weightage…the other Option is to increase Holdings in MCX to give a proper portfolio weightage if you like MCX…this is where I’m currently refraining from advising whether you should exercise this option at these price Levels of Rs 1350…I thought the IPO Pricing Rs 1032 itself was at a sharp premium…The risk is higher at Rs 1350     

MCX has had an inspiring Listing at Rs 1400 + levels as BSE began….Then it moved for awhile in the Rs 1380 levels

Now past 11.30 am,it has further moved lower to Rs 1350 levels….recording a Low for the day till now of Rs 1332 and a morning high of Rs 1426….At Rs 1350 levels the Market Cap is Rs 6884 crs…The Volume has crossed Three Million Shares

The Circuits for the Day are Upper Rs 1664.40 and Lower Rs 1109.65

For a better assessement of Valuation vs Price check out a Detailed Blog on MCX I posted over a few days earlier at

MCX IPO in the Price Band of Rs 860 to Rs 1032…Any Gains on Listing ?…is MCX a Long Term Wealth Creator ?


 Post Closing Update at 4.45 pm on First Day of Listing of MCX on Friday,March 9,2012


MCX had sought Listing only on BSE

On First Day of Listing ,MCX  opened very strong at Rs 1400 + recording intraday high in the early morning itself at Rs 1426 but closed lower at Rs 1297 with Trading Volume exceeding Six Million Shares after recording a Low of Rs 1282 after 3 pm on BSE….IPO Pricing was at Rs 1032

Sensex however strenghthed even more closing up 358 points and  2.09% at 17503

On NSE  

NSE is a pre IPO shareholder for a few years now in MCX but has been at loggerheads with it on two counts…unfairly not charging or only tokenly doing so for currency derivatives operations so as to render MCX-SX currency derivative operations unviable …unfair competition….SEBI has levied a Rs 500 crs penalty on NSE which it has appealed against….also NSE was actively directing that NSE Brokers should not implement ODIN,the popular Brokers trading and accounting software of MCX Promoter ,Financial Technologies   

Therefore MCX had not sought Listing on NSE….However ,under pressure from it’s members,NSE allowed MCX to be traded on it’s platform…MCX does not have to comply with any Listing Norms with NSE,like it has to for BSE

MCX Volumes on NSE were higher than BSE at 7.94 Million Shares…MCX closed at Rs 1294 with Intraday High of Rs 1429 (beginning morning trades) and Low of Rs 1282(towards closing) 

Nifty closed 2.17% higher at 5334




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