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Interesting Interaction at the NSE Equity Fundamental Training Workshop

NSE Equity Fundamental Training Workshop
NSE Equity Fundamental Training Workshop

It was an absorbing Saturday Afternoon on August 8,2015 in the NSE Board Room on the Fifth Floor of the NSE at BKC ….started past 2.30 pm and went on till 9.30 pm with just one 20 min break….was scheduled to wind up by 6.30 pm or 7 pm !….. Lots of Interaction between those who attended the NSE Equity Fundamental Training Workshop and me….some very good questions posed….. we covered several companies and debated Value vs Price and also the four legs of the Equity Table ~ Sentiment,Momentum,Liquidity and Valuation…did Macro & Micro Valuation,including Sensex Performance Pedigree and trend going forward  ….FPI Inflows….discussed domestic & overseas red flags….expounded the impact of the three rates,Interest,Exchange & Inflation….. Related with Top Down & Bottom Up Approaches…spelled out the two ‘I’s Themes that look interesting …..was not surprised to see many aggressive youngsters already investing in equity markets with more risk than one would expect they would take….covered how to protect wealth through Equities while growing it and being aware of the Reinvestment Risk

Have received some lovely feedback from participants….like the Amazon India ad they seem to be asking “Aur Dikhao Aur Dikhao!” 😆

Have requested  NSE to take one of  my Five Modules Intensive 2 Day Program all over India so Retail & HNW Investors can benefit….Such has been held by me for a leading Broking House  & a well known Mutual Fund


6 thoughts on “Interesting Interaction at the NSE Equity Fundamental Training Workshop”

  1. Gaurav, I have been following your blog for some time and would love to attend a workshop in Delhi. Will wait for updates.

    Is there a video recording which you can provide on your website (paid of course, few things with value are available free :))

  2. Readers,

    I attended this workshop on 8th Aug’15. Workshop lasted well over 7 hours, even those 7 hours seemed like few minutes as all of us were so engrossed in workshop time just flew by.

    Gaurav has his numbers / opinions/ facts right on fingers, has opinion on any stock that came into discussion.

    The biggest value I got from Gaurav’s workshop is it completely changed my perspective of looking at “Value”. I learned that Value needs to be looks with respect to the Price. Which enabled me to think is the value already been priced or not. Which is what he meant by “Value v/s Price”. Earlier I used to think of Vlaue in isolation.

    Another great learning was, Top Down approach of Picking the potential business. All the while I been doing a “Bottom-up” approach but it was enlightening to see how does the three Is (Interest, Inflation, Interest) have impact on a certain Sector at a Point in time.

    I would be the first one to Register for 2-days Intensive Training if NSE conducts it ever.

    Overall, it was absolutely UNDERVALUED Workshop with massive value on table available for just 2,500 Rs + half of day of your life. As a dividend you will get delicious snacks at NSE. 🙂

    Once again, THANK YOU Gaurav!


    1. Ankur your intelligent interaction made it even more valuable to all present….and you truly deserved the Sweets Tin…Hope you’re relishing them… i said talk to me if you want to get more out of me 🙂 !

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