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IPL 6 hit for a 6 as Spot Fixing Scandal Erupts with Sreesanth & Two Teammates of Rajasthan Royals arrested


IPL Spot Fixing Scandal Erupts today  with Sreesanth & Two Teammates,Ankeet Chavan & Ajit Chandila of Rajasthan Royals arrested  along with Bookies and Foreign Players and other IPL Team Players too under the Scanner ~ Chandila has revealed that he was following Sreesanth’s instructions 

Perhaps Harbhajan should have done more than just Slapped Sreesanth in an earlier year and which had him in Tears ~ More to Cry now for Sreesanth if he really has indulged in Spot Fixing and received huge Sums of Monies from the Bookies !

Should be Fun reading what ex IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi, who’s run away to London to escape from being arrested in India for IPL mismanagement and malpractices etc,has to tweet on this matter ! ~ his BCCI Powerful Friends have turned into Foes for him now !

Have been saying this for Years that Cricket is no longer a Gentlemen’s Game ~ Check earlier blogs on this as linked below  ~ have simply never been enamoured by IPL  and the way BCCI administers the game like a ‘Hitler’ ~and all because of  the Obscene Monies Involved that I believe has spoiled all involved in it too ~ from Cricketers and Administrators to Commentators and Owners and Associates that  includes  even Media Personnel ~ but I do love the Cheerleaders !  ~ and sadly even two days ago caused the murder of a young  Mumbai 13 year old by his cousins who had lost heavily in IPL Betting and had kidnapped him for ransom but killed him

……and you guys have been paying Thousands of Rupees to go see IPL Matches Live ~ now many of them under Cloud of being Spot Fixed !

….and all this bullshit ‘Zero Tolerance ‘ Policy by BCCI and IPL Franchise Owners is less to do with punishing perpetrators strongly and more to do with those who are exposing it !

Seems the Players being jailed in England for Spot Fixing has not really been a deterrent

Media Reports that a well known Overseas Player also from Rajasthan Royals is under the scanner ~ Check out the full 32 Member RR Squad for IPL 6 and the 10 Overseas Players in it 

Media Reports say that there is a video recording with the Delhi Police that  Ankeet Chavan had agreed  with the Bookies to Spot Fix and give away atleast 13 runs in  an Over in the 66th IPL 6 Match against Mumbai at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai last evening ~ He actually gave away 15 in the Third Over of the Match  with 14 coming of the first three Balls ! ~ he had Opened the Bowling for RR ! This is the Ball to Ball hitting by Glenn Maxwell off Chavan’s second and Innings third Over ~ Chavan was deliberately allowing Maxwell to hit ,so it is alleged ~ and here we were applauding Maxwell for the Two 6s while the Bookies and Chavan were applauding themselves and laughing all the way to the bank  for the deliberate bad bowling as had been agreed on before in Spot Fixing !  ~ Chavan has been with the RRs from 2011 and has played only 3 of the 15 IPL 6 Matches for RR this season

Just a coincidence that Mumbai won by 14 Runs ! scoring 166 and RR chasing to fall short by scoring 152 

  •  02.6 A Chavan to A Tare, no run, 91.46 KM/H good length on middle stump. He goes hard at the ball, but straight to the fielder
  • 12.5 A Chavan to G Maxwell, 83.30 KM/H good length going down leg. He picks up a single down to fine leg
  • 02.4 A Chavan to G Maxwell, no run, 85.72 KM/H good length on leg stump. Straight to the fielder
  • 62.3 A Chavan to G Maxwell, 82.25 KM/H good length just outside off stump. He hits a great shot for 6, that has gone all the way straight down the ground
  • 22.2 A Chavan to G Maxwell, 80.89 KM/H good length just outside off stump. He picks up two through mid-wicket
  • 62.1 A Chavan to G Maxwell, 75.27 KM/H short length on leg stump. He hits a great shot, 6 ! that has gone all the way through mid-wicket

A Thought  cannot escape my Mind ~ How do we view the fantastic record breaking and Match winning Innings of Gayle and Miller and Watson and Pollard in this IPL ? ~ in that they could not have done this without Spot Fixing and therefore being allowed to hit ! ?  ~ and they all won the  Man of the Match Award too !  ~ The Shadow is Cast Deep and Wide ! ~ and as ex India Pacer Atul Wassan comments on TV Channels ~ ” In our Cricketing Network  we know all this happens but I cannot give names as to who indulges in this and have got away too ! ~ This new Expose & Arrests is only the tip of the Iceberg !” ~ Well Mr Wassan,it is your Duty to come forward and tell the Police what you do know ! ~ or else you would be viewed as a passive accomplice or a guy who just boasts that he knows

Once Upon A Time Cricket was a Gentlemen’s Game…Now tainted forever with Match and Spot Fixing and Illegal Betting…my passion for the game has ebbed considerably

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

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Sunday, April 18th, 2010


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