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IPL Cricket Stink…providing a link to some bluntness

Have a look at this link

The author is aggressively forthright and blunt in putting across how he sees the IPL Mess and how it’s unfolding…a few may be conjectures at this stage…but quite plausible
There are simply too many Strong Questions that remain unanswered or have unconvincingly been answered that has lead to this situation of Lalit Modi being Guilty until he’s able to prove his innocence !
I daresay that Lalit Mody is not the kingpin here…someone else is….the rot runs deep
My recent Blogs on this IPL Controversy can be referred to below 
 April 13,2010
April 18,2010
If the Government has any Guts and a conscience it should supersede the BCCI itself…cleanse the system in a country where Cricket is a religion….but what if the rot runs all the way up itself ! 
A lot is being revealed and exposed or uncovered about the links of bollywood celebrities,ministers,industrialists,cricketers and their kin to the IPL….either through direct or indirect stakes in the franchises or IPL associated entities,particularly those holding Media rights or through kin being employed by IPL or those entities associated with it….All are crying out loud that everything is above board…..however they fail to realise the issue of Transperancy and Corporate Governance…They should have disclosed this IPL link at the outset itself in 2008 or whenever it was created
One of these Links,now being exposed by DNA Newspaper, I had blogged about way back in July 2008 and even February 2009 itself between Bollywood Star,Shah Rukh Khan and ex-journalist,Congress member,IPL Vice Chairman and BCCI Managing Committee member and Chairman of listed company,Bag Films,Rajiv Shukla 
Refer to my blogs as below for this
February 2,2009
July 14,2008
How about an IPL Multi Starrer Mega Movie….Based on a True Story with Real Life Stars Involved playing their Roles on the Reel Life Screen !
A real Potboiler !….Madhur Bhandarkar are you listening !
What a Landscape !….Politicians….Cricketers….Industrialists….Bollywood Stars….Media Barons…NRIs…Cricketers…Commentators….Umpires….Cricket Administrators…Betting Syndicates….Five Star Hotels & Hep IPl Night Parties…..Phew !
  • Bolly & Folly wood Stars….Shah Rukh Khan,Shilpa Shetty,Preity Zinta
  • Corporate Czars……Vijay Mallya,Mukesh Ambani,Burman of Dabur,N Srinivasan
  • Ministers….Sharad Pawar,Shashi Tharoor
  • Media Barons….Deccan Chronicle 
  • NRI (Fronts!?)…..Sunder Chellaram…related to Lalit Modi
  • Cricket Administrators….Lalit Modi,Rajiv Shukla
  • and a Host of Cricketers,Umpires and Commentators from all Countries

Apologies to anyone I have left out above !….Oh ! I forgot the Imported Cheerleaders !

Cheers !

Was wondering should I also categorise this blog under ‘Entertainment’ or ‘Cricket’….Never Mind !’s under both!


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