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It is a S Day alright…Sunday Newspapers to Sanjaya Baru Controversial Book to Ss in the Premier League Derby

🙂 It is a S Day alright…Sunday Newspapers to Sanjaya Baru’s Controversial Book to all the S’s in the Premier League Derby

Sunday Newspapers

Began with devouring the Sunday Newspapers with my Sunday Norm South Indian Masala Dosas and Sambhar at Sonarica Home

Emailed four interesting ‘Reads’ to my Family as below that began with a Sunday Quote

Life is about creating yourself, not finding yourself — George Bernard Shaw

1 Travel

Sunday Mumbai Mirror ~ Travel Column by 29 year old Marketing Executive Vahishta Mistry ~ he sold off all his possessions and set out to explore the world…he writes about Koh Chang,a an island in Thailand and the uncrowded beaches on the eastern side where he spend the night in a beach tent and went diving

2 A Young Thoughtful Mind Lost forever

Boston Globe ~ ‘The Opposite of Loneliness’ is a Book penned by Marina Keegan who graduated from Yale as a 22 year old in 2012 and died five days after graduating in a car accident….She had explored India to observe the spread of Humanism….Her Words Live on as she Sought Meaning over Money

An absorbing article on her is also in today’s Sunday Edition Page 18 of the Times of India

3 Digital Reconstruction of a 400 Million Year Old Fossil Plant

Sunday Mid-Day Page 13 ~ A Biology & Paleontology Graduate Jeff Benca of the Department of Integrative Biology and Museum of Paleontology,UC ,Berkeley reconstructs a plant thought to be long extinct

4 The Speaking Tree ~ Go Vegan for World Peace

Times of India ~ The Speaking Tree Supplement ~Go Vegan for World Peace

 Sanjaya Baru’s Controversial Book ‘The Accidental PM’

Then it was over an Hour at Crossword in Kemps Corner in South Mumbai to pick up two Books…. Sanjaya Baru’s Controversial Book ‘The Accidental PM’ that has been smartly timed to launch during Elections…his inside story in the PMO as UPA 1’s Media Advisor to the PM…he reveals how the PM has virtually no say in UPA 2 Government with Sonia Gandhi deciding on much….was told the book was fast selling out and only four copies were left…sure there will be a reprint …if I find it’s worth reviewing  then plan to blog it later…..the second ‘FlashBoys’ by Michael Lewis has been released overseas last week but the copies should be available in India by April 15,2014 was told…Lewis blasts High Speed Trading that has actually rigged Wall Street

Pleasantly surprised to see Tata Group Chairman,the relatively Young Cyrus Mistry too at Crossword  in the first hour of the Store Opening and clearly a bibliophile like I am …exchanged pleasantries

All the ‘S’s Combine beautifully for Liverpool …they were 2 up against arch rivals Manchester City at half time before  ‘S’ of  Man C equalised…and now Liverpool lead again 3-2 !

…And now it’s all the ‘S’s combining beautifully for Liverpool…Sterling(Scored the First),Sturridge,Suarez,Steven Gerrard and Skrtel (Headed a second of a Steven Corner) …they were leading 2-0 at half time at home against arch rivals Manchester City….and are leading contenders for the Premier League Title this season with just four more matches to go after this one against Norwich(Away),Chelsea(Home),Crystal Palace(Away) and Newcastle (Home),…they lead the table with 74 Points after 33 matches …..Chelsea is second with 72 points from 33 matches and are being hosted by Swansea later today….Manchester City is third currently with 70 points from 31 matches...Silva has pumped in 2 in the second half to equalise for Man C with 20 minutes to go and now Liverpool lead again 3-2 with under 15 minutes to go !

Phew !…and Sunday is a relaxing Day !

8 pm Update

Liverpool win the Derby 3-2 and lead the table with 77 points from 34 matches….Barclays Premier League Title is theirs to Win !



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