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It is fatal to work 20 hours at a stretch day in and out even if young!

Is it worth working 20 hours at a stretch day in and out even if young!?

Was sad to read about the death of one as young as 22 and upwardly mobile Indian youth working as an analyst with Goldman Sachs in San Francisco

How Wall Street killed a 22-year-old Indian at Goldman Sachs

The reason for his death is yet to be out but this young man was fed up of burning the midnight oil day in and out and had actually resigned only to rejoin….a sad and bad decision that probably resulted in his death….he was stressed out totally

One should not be working like this for hours on end with sleep deprivation taking a toll…I have observed that in the past two decades many young have been falling a victim to stress and some of them fatally too losing their life to cardiac arrest

Reminded me of  the Motivational Author Robin Sharma and his bestseller ” The Monk who sold the Ferrari”….a hot shot lawyer who gave it all up

Working 15 to 20 hours a day in this afflicted modern age is vastly more fatal than having done so in the 1970’s and 1980’s

I put in long hours and even slept a few nights in office in KPMG in the Middle East in the 1980’s to complete work which had tight deadlines…..I was in my 20’s then.It seems like a different era then .

A 20+ year old  working round the clock today has his Life clock ticking faster !

Work Hard ! Play Hard ! ?

It’s not worth it

Do pay heed to this 30 second guidance from  the ex CEO  of Coca Cola,Bryan Dyson which I have carried as a page post on my blog for years



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