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It was Inevitable !…The White House sheds off White Domination…Afro American,Barack Obama ,will become the 44th US President

On this Super Tuesday in USA ( We’re into Wednesday here in India), Barack Obama has won the US Presidential Election quite comfortably…the electoral votes were 338 in his favour  and 156 for Opponent,Mcgain with results of Four states yet to come in at 11.30 am Indian Time…270 Votes were required for a majority

There were over 125000 people at Obama’s Celebration Speech in Chicago.. Click on

He is certainly a very good orator…having heard his Speech,I pick on four great moments through it

  • Obama spoke through the eyes of a 106 year old Woman Voter in Atlanta born in a generation just after slavery…no cars on the road and no planes in the skies….what must she have seen in her 100 years in USA…not being allowed to vote earlier because she was a woman and also because of the colour of her skin
  • The echoing Chants from the Crowd of “Yes We Can”
  • Obama attributing the Victory to the American People….. to the democratic Ideals and Spirit of the American people who follow the American Dream…to liberty and opportunity and the unyeilding Hope…the strength of America does not come from it’s military or economic prowess,but from it’s people
  • Obama addressing those who may not have voted for him and that he yet has to win their support…he needs them and will also listen to them…he is also their President

On Stage at the end of the Speech came in both the Families of Obama and the Vice President Elect,Jo Biden,including Biden’s 90 year old Mother…smiling ear to ear,as they all should be.

In the 125000 People in the Park spotted the the faces of staunch Obama celebrity supporters, Jesse Jackson and Oprah Winfrey

CNN gave a very interesting breakup on the Age Profile of Voters and the percentage in these Age Groups who supported Obama.It is clearly a victory for the Younger America

  • 30 Years and Below : 62%
  • 31-44 Years : 52 %
  • 45-60 Years : 50 %
  • Seniors over 60 Years : 45 %

Obama faces a Tough Presidency…He will be sworn in on January 20,2009 as the 44th US President.His Immediate Priority will be to tackle

  • Deepening Recession in USA
  • Deepening Financial Crisis
  • Foreign Policy Decisions on Iran,Iraq and Afghanistan

On a Light Note,Obama tell his two young daughters that they have earned that new Puppy which they will take into the White House with them… daughter has been after me for a puppy too for months now…I have been fending her off but now I got a Presidential excuse too !


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